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September 20, 2019

George McNeill

Jackson, Mississippi

Q. Back-to-back 67s. Just evaluate your play today.
GEORGE McNEILL: Overall yesterday and today I played a lot of holes today, 30 holes today, so for the most part I played pretty well.

I had some wayward shots, wayward tee shots and stuff, but I recovered al right. I think I made two bogeys in two days on the same hole. But, again, overall keeping the ball in front of me, making a lot of par saves when I have to, hit some quality shots, and taking advantage of it when I can.

Q. You had some success at this event before; obviously at Annandale. How is it different to come out here and play well this week thus far?
GEORGE McNEILL: Well, I'm used to this grass. Bermuda grass is what I grew up on. I live in Florida, born in Florida. Annandale was a little bit I would say easier golf course, but same kind of grass. Greens are always real firm and fast; same with here. Greens are really fast here.

If you're putting well, which I have so far this week, it makes it a little easier. You still got to hit good shots and try and drive it in the fairway. It's no fun to hit it out of the rough every hole. Been really concentrating on trying to hit fairways and taking advantage of it.

Q. How do you carry this momentum with back-to-back 67s into the weekend?
GEORGE McNEILL: I guess we'll find out. I haven't played all that well recently, or I played well at Reno. That was the last time I played halfway decent. We'll see what happens. Not getting over-excited, but I'm also very aware of my position.

I know if I have a good weekend I can do some damage and help jump start my fall and also move it into next year.

Q. How cool is it to be back in this position after balancing a lot of injury the last few years?
GEORGE McNEILL: It's good. I'm happy with my play so far. Again, we'll see what happens on the weekend. It's nice and it's a positive takeaway. I saw some flashes last week where I had some good shots; had some bad shots, too.

I was hoping to move it in and continue this week and it has so far.

Q. Tough out there.
GEORGE McNEILL: It was tough. All day it was tough. I mean, 30 holes for me today.

Q. Yeah.
GEORGE McNEILL: With the wind blowing. And actually, almost made you hit shots, so it was -- I don't want to say it was easier -- but kind of made your mind up and made you hit a shot instead of having to pick something with no wind.

The greens are soft still so makes it playable. Any time the wind blows it gets your attention.

Q. 67, 67 is a great start. And the putter, it's been really good for you.
GEORGE McNEILL: So far. So far. We are putting on bermuda greens which I'm used to being from Florida. These are some of the best we play all year and we always have. They always have this place in nice shape. Here, Memphis, kind of along the same belt we get some really good bermuda greens. They're fun to putt, and if you get them online they'll go in.

Q. I've walked with you a lot over the years but I haven't seen you in a while. How is the game right now?
GEORGE McNEILL: Well, I will say just my back is an fire right now. We're going to go work on that here in a little bit.

The game is okay. It's been getting better. I've had flashes. Reno I played pretty nice. That was my third week in a row, so it was getting back into a little bit of a swing.

Last week at Greenbrier in West Virginia. Played okay but not great. I could see some things happening that I kind of liked, and so I was hoping to bring it into this week.

So far so good. Again, we got a long way to go.

Q. Out listeners cannot see your beard, but the last team I interviewed you you were clean shaven.
GEORGE McNEILL: Again, that was a long time ago. Yeah, I need to play better more often. I'll take this for now.

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