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September 20, 2019

Billy Horschel

Surrey, England

Q. 7-under par, think you might have enjoyed that one?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, it's a very enjoyable day. I had some really good par saves at 6 and 8, holing out a wedge shot after hitting in the water on 8 to keep the momentum going, and you know, just did a really good job of hitting the ball better than I did yesterday.

Q. Is this the kind of course that the more you play it, the more familiar it gets, the better you get at it?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I agree. I think the more I've been around, the more comfortable I am where to miss on fairways and where to miss on greens. We've had a great game plan, but the more you play it, the more comfortable you get with the shots you've got to hit. Today turned out really well, and hopefully next two days I can do something very similar.

Q. It's a tricky test of golf. What's going to be key over the weekend?
BILLY HORSCHEL: I've got to hit the ball well. I've always been a good ball-striker but I've struggled this past year. Figured out some things the last four weeks I've been off, so it's just getting more comfortable with doing the changes in my swing, getting more comfortable with it.

So if I can strike the ball well like I have today -- I've been putting well. Just trying to get my ball on green in regulation to have a chance for birdie, so if I do that, I'll have a real will good chance this weekend.

Q. How is your first visit here and competitive golf met your expectations?
BILLY HORSCHEL: It's exceeded my expectations. This course, I've been watching since I was 12, and it's a beautiful golf course on TV, and you get here and it's even better in person. The way you've got to think around this golf course, the way the wind swirls around the trees, the way the setting is with trees and the holes built around them, it's a beautiful golf course and a course that I fell in love with when I walked on Sunday afternoon just to walk the course.

Q. Tough finish to the round yesterday but you really turned it around today?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Yeah, yesterday was tough. I just didn't hit the ball very well, and today I did a lot better job of driving it well and hitting better iron shots into greens.

The swing is coming together. Todd and I have been working really hard on changes, try to get back to what we did in 2013, 2014. Been trying to get back to it for a while now but try to figure out the thoughts and feels we need to have. We clicked on something last Friday right before I left, so it's just getting a little more accustomed to it and I did a really good job of trusting what I need to do today.

8, I holed a wedge shot from 107 yards. Just a regular wedge shot. I hit a great tee shot, middle of the fairway, 7-iron into the green, and just wasn't focused enough. Wasn't into the shot enough. Got to the back of my swing and guys teed off on No. 9 that were -- I mean, they are 180 yards away from me but I heard it and sort of flinched a little bit and pull-hooked left. It was on me for not focusing enough on the golf shot and did a really good job of keeping my composure, and hitting the best wedge shot I could to give myself a chance for bogey, and instead I went ahead and holed it.

Q. The finish on the back-to-back par 5s, what's your philosophy on those last two holes?
BILLY HORSCHEL: Those par 5s, you can make up a lot of ground or bite you in the butt. I've seen guys make doubles on 17 and 18, and some guys make eagle, eagle or birdie, eagle. It allows a great opportunity where you are coming in Sunday to either make up shots or possibly lose a lot of ground.

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