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September 20, 2019

Justin Rose

Surrey, England

Q. Thoughts on the day?
JUSTIN ROSE: It was nice obviously getting out early. The course, you felt like there was a bit of moisture, iron shots early, you felt like you could get after the pins. The breeze picked up. I think that almost helped us. Yesterday was only three-, four-mile-an-hour but it was moving around. Today it picked up to seven-, eight-mile-an-hour but found its position and was a bit more reliable.

Drove it much better today. I think that's why it was a consistently good round. Irons were good enough but that's something I want to iron out on the range a little bit.

Q. Is everything okay with the knee?
JUSTIN ROSE: I woke up sore this morning. I wore a softer pair of shoes today, something with a little more forgiveness. I was kind of hobbling out of the hotel this morning thinking it could be a long day but like anything, once the body gets warmed up, it's all good.

Q. The change of schedule allowed you to add this event. How fortunate is that for you?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, doesn't allow me just to add it but to focus on it, which is what this tournament deserves. For me, it's a bucket list tournament and I'd love to win one day. I've been close a couple of times. But it's really my home event. I've been watching this since I was eight years old, so it's an important one for me and comes at a great time of year. I love autumn golf, so yeah, it's nice.

Q. Reflections on the second round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I didn't feel that comfortable with the driver today and today drove it much better. I thought it was a good round, good round to capitalise on. To come out yesterday and shoot 67, and today, do that round justice with 68 and keep in position is a job well done today.

But I feel like it could have been a couple better today for sure, but everyone comes off saying that. I really enjoyed my time on the course and get to freshen up now and rest up before the weekend.

Q. How important is momentum in the middle of the round?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I've had a couple sporty up-and-downs, a couple up-and-downs I've had no business getting up-and-down to be honest with you. Little moments like that in your round are fun, but 10, I know left of that pin is dead, it's literally 4 -- you might make double off, but to walk off with 3 was a good result.

Q. Not a bad couple of days with a guy for a dodgy knee. How is everything feeling?
JUSTIN ROSE: I guess beware of the injured golfer; it rings true, certainly for me this week.

Yeah, delighted with that 68. Didn't know where my game was obviously coming in yesterday, and wasn't prepared at all for the tournament. But sometimes you come in with low expectations because of that, but very happy to put a good round together on top of yesterday's round, which is a huge result.

Felt banged up this morning. Was sore, hobbling to the car at 6.00 this morning but like anything, you loosen up as the day goes on, and with the sunshine, especially. I'm a little hot under the collar right now, literally.

Q. The wind has picked up; how different is it playing this time of year?
JUSTIN ROSE: You wouldn't know it right now. It's obviously playing perfectly. I think the scoring, I believe it was a 3-under cut last year, which is incredibly low around this golf course. I think the scoring is still relatively good. It's a course you have to play very strategically. If you don't know how to work your way around this course, you can get into trouble really, really quick.

I think keeping it to only two bogeys in two rounds, that's probably what I've done well this week is limiting the damage. My short game has been on point on a couple of occasions. Just keep trying to tighten it up over the weekend. I'm putting well, but I feel like I could make a few more mid-range putts.

Q. You've come close in the past, but is this one of the ones you look at in the calendar and think you have some unfinished business?
JUSTIN ROSE: A little bit. I call this a bucket list event. This is one I'd dearly love to win. It's my home event, really. It's one I've watched since I was a little kid. Finished second a couple of times.

Its position now in the schedule is nice because I can focus on it a bit more. You get the whole FedExCup out of the way and you have a few weeks to freshen up mentally and you can really pinpoint it. I like its position now.

Q. Where did this fit in your golfing career and inspiring you as a youngster?
JUSTIN ROSE: I still have a vivid image walking up 11 and watching José Maria Olazábal hitting an iron shot, and I remember watching him chip-in from short of the green. Little moments like that stay with you. I remember one of the kids behind 18, it's all changed unfortunately, walking through the alley way of kids basically rob you of everything when you walk off the green. But I was one of those kids that was always after a hat or a ball or a club. I've always tried to be sympathetic and dish them out because I was that kid.

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