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September 20, 2019

Viktor Hovland

Surrey, England

Q. You turn 22 on Wednesday, first tournament as a professional here, back-to-back rounds in the 60s. How do you describe the experience so far?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: It's been a lot of fun. Great crowds out there, and my game's been a little up-and-down. Hit some really good shots. Some really bad shots. But happy to make the weekend and hopefully I can play a little bit better.

Q. How tough is it out there when that wind picked up?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: It's really tough out there for sure. With some of the pins being tucked, you know, a lot of the second shots are pretty protected with the trees, and then as soon as you hit above it, the wind just kind of gorges the ball up. So you kind of have to err for some margin to miss it short or long, wherever is the right place to miss it on.

It's a little bit of a guessing game, but you know, this is kind of what really separates a player that plays really well from the guy that kind of scraps it around.

Q. It's not a bad week to start, given this is the start of The Ryder Cup points this week, and you were playing with Pádraig Harrington. Did it come up at all?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: We kind of knew what was going on. Obviously The Ryder Cup is a year from now and he's the captain. I'd love to be a part of that team. But you know, there's a lot of golf that's left to be played. So I just need to take care of business.

Q. I hear you've inspired his son to copy your swing, as well. Is that true?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: Yeah, he told me that. That's kind of funny. So I hope he hits it well.

Q. Big weekend ahead. What do you take from the first two days, your experience, to try to have a really good finish here?
VIKTOR HOVLAND: I feel like I'm just getting more and more accustomed to the course and knowing what shots to hit. You know, just learning tiny bits here and there on every hole and hopefully I'll learn from the mistakes that I made and keep hitting the same good shots that I have, so yeah, we'll see.

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