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September 19, 2019

Zach Johnson

Jackson, Mississippi

ZACH JOHNSON: It was fantastic. I've got some good friends that are members here that I'm staying with. Hospitality, as you would expect from the south, is, well, probably 20-under par right now. So that's good. Food is fantastic. People are great. Golf course is very special in my opinion.

Loving everything about it.

Q. What was working today?
ZACH JOHNSON: I just kind of plotted myself around and gave myself good opportunities. I had some I left out there, but certainly capitalized on a few as well.

The holes where you kind of got to certainly step up and hit a good shot, for the most part I did that. I think I had a bogey. Wasn't a great bogey, but still had a chance at a par.

There was just nothing silly about it. I didn't make any crazy putts or any -- I guess I made one decent putt. For the most part, I kept the golf course in front of me, picked it apart when I could, and hit solid shots.

Q. Playing in a group today with two other established TOUR veterans. This tournament is the first time it's on the main schedule. What went into the decision to play this?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, I mean, bottom line is -- couple things. Granted, I've had a lot of time off, five weeks off prior to Greenbrier. That would be the first thing.

Second thing is I want to compete. I had a nice mini off-season. I'm going to take another five weeks off after Vegas. So I've got my time off with the family and my kids.

The other reason is, I mean, I've always wanted to come here because I've heard great things. The fact that it's not unencumbered from China makes it a lot easier. I mean, I'm not in China this year which makes it easier.

All those factors played into it. Like I said, I've got some good friends here that have been saying, Hey, you would like it. Stay with us. There is a number of factors. It just fits.

Q. First couple days has it lived up to the hype?
ZACH JOHNSON: If not exceeded it.

Q. (Indiscernible - wind.)
ZACH JOHNSON: I mean, disappointing. Frustrating. Disappointing. Well, beginning of the year -- I'm not going to look at January on -- was disappointing because I think my practice and the way I was approaching my work was more assessment-based rather than improvement-based. That was frustrating and disappointing.

Then June on, I mean, wasn't great, but, I mean, I just -- I hadn't seen the work surface yet and I still don't feel like I have. I think it's going to happen. The frustrating part from the summer on is the fact that I think I've been working really hard and I just haven't seen the progress yet.

But I think it's coming. I'm confident it's coming. I know what I'm doing, ball striking, short game, and on the putting green. It's going to surface. Just a matter of when, not if.

So there is the positive. I like to turn those negatives into positives. I don't mind the work. I don't mind having to dissect or pick apart, whatever you want to call it, things I need to do. I've got a good team to do that.

Q. Was there one glaring thing you felt like you had to address?
ZACH JOHNSON: No. Not necessarily one. I think all aspects needed addressing. Maybe not the physical side of things, but couple technical things needed to be addressed. Certainly the mental side to some degree, and will continue to be.

But, no, I mean, if I were to pick one I would probably say my putter, but that's not entirely accurate either.

Q. What was the mental? You talked about wanting to improve your mental.
ZACH JOHNSON: There is a lot there. To dumb it down or soften it down, I would say it's just how am I going to approach this year versus this past year or the year before. I mean, rather than going gangbusters, I've got to play well, got to play well, getting rid of the outcome thoughts. That kind of thing.

Sticking to and trusting and enjoying the process of what it is. Understanding that, Hey, it's a great opportunity. This year is a great opportunity to climb back to where you want to be, where you need to be, where you should be.

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