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September 19, 2019

Matt Wallace

Surrey, England

Q. 65, what's your assessment of things out on the course today?
MATT WALLACE: Very happy. Whenever you can get off to a start like that in the tournament, boosts your confidence and just going on from last week, really. I said to Smarty when we were walking to the first tee, let's keep the same focus as how we ended last week. Why can't you, you know. Just carry it on. It's very nice and pleasing to shoot that round here.

Q. You mentioned last week, is it fair to say the last couple of months, the results haven't quite been there -- what changed last week and maybe continuing into this week?
MATT WALLACE: I'm always grinding, working on trying to figure it out and get better. It was just I think playing in the wind actually helped me a little bit where I shortened my shoulder turn a little bit and then didn't try and hit it as hard, and the ball was coming off just as nice as before, but I was hitting it more consistent, as well. Hitting in the middle of the face more consistently. It was perfect and I can swing it slower, swing it shorter and it still goes the same distance.

So trusting it, and trusting that in the wind. I did that on a Saturday to shoot 9-under and on Sunday it was windy, and I played as good if not better on the Sunday. It was very pleasing to take that into the rest of my career, hopefully, yeah.

Q. Nice bogey-free looking scorecard. Talk us through the eagle at 4?
MATT WALLACE: The tee is up today, so 4-wood -- I've got a 4-wood in the bag this week. Off the tee it goes a bit further, and off the deck, obviously, and it was a perfect shot down there. 6-iron, all down to a great number just at the right and hit the slope and Eddie showed me the line. We both tapped them in. Nice to kick off the round there. Birdie at the first was nice, as well.

Q. Always nice to put on a show for the fans. More special here in England?
MATT WALLACE: Yeah, it's the Flagship Event of The European Tour. Biggest event, my home event now. I've played the course plenty of times before coming into this week, and feel comfortable, and it always helps when your game's in shape, as well.

Q. Sitting nicely in The Race to Dubai. How important is it for you to have a good week this week to push on for the end of the season?
MATT WALLACE: It's just good every week. It's not just about this week. It's about the bigger picture in the future. I just want to play better and I want to keep getting better and put myself in positions to win tournaments. It's a good start. We've got a long way to go, though.

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