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September 18, 2019

Roger Federer

Geneva, Switzerland

Q. Give us your feelings about this week's Laver Cup.
ROGER FEDERER: We have incredible depth. The problem is we are indoors, best of three, super-tiebreaker in the third, and we are playing against big servers who like the indoors and all have a big forehand.

So as much as we are the favorites, I do think it's going to be extremely tight. They are really good at doubles. Obviously Jack I think is one of the world's best doubles players if not the absolute best right now.

We know how hard it's going to be, but I'm so pumped that everybody is here. Everybody seems excited, and everybody is basically ready to go. It's only just Wednesday.

Q. Would you like to sum up today.
ROGER FEDERER: It's been energetic, it's been thrilling, it's been exciting. The two teams have finally clashed and seen each other. We are all ready to go.

Q. Nice to be with you. What's it like coming back to Switzerland for the first time to play Laver Cup?
ROGER FEDERER: I'm not quite sure if I'm aware of what it means to me. I know that looking back in hopefully a few years or in a few weeks, at least, I know this is a very, very special weekend for me. I know that already now.

Am I really totally aware of what it means? Hopefully in history of the Laver Cup and in tennis for me, because I think in tennis or in your life you want to do things that or maybe for the first time things that are super memorable, and I know this Laver Cup weekend will be exactly that.

I'm very proud to be playing in Switzerland and very proud to represent Team Europe here at the Laver Cup, and also having maybe played a little part in bringing it here to Geneva. This was never my really goal to be playing in Switzerland, but it just happened that the city really wanted it. We thought, why not? And here we are.

The city couldn't have been nicer. It's one of the most incredible countries and cities in the world, you know. All the players are excited. It's fantastic.

So I hope I can play good tennis too on top of it and that the atmosphere is going to be one of a kind. I hope it's just going to be a good one, you know.

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