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September 17, 2019

Patrick Reed

Surrey, England

Q. We know you like to be a global golfer and you often visit us on The European Tour. Your first visit to Wentworth, what do you think?
PATRICK REED: It's amazing. I thought the golf course was a lot of fun. I thought it was challenging in parts. It's one of these golf courses you have to work the ball both ways, as well as you've got the greens are very firm, very fast, yet you have fairways that are a little softer, so you know, you hit tee shots, the ball doesn't quite go as far and the iron shots seem to have a lot of bounce in them.

Going to be a premium this week hitting fairways and playing from the right spots because you can put yourself in some bad spots here on these greens.

Q. Was it a schedule thing that stopped you playing in the past?
PATRICK REED: That was the main thing. It just didn't quite fit the schedule in the past. Now the new schedule and the new time, it's been a treat for me because now I get to come over and I get to play, and you know, it's a place that I wish I saw before because it's an amazing place, an amazing piece of property and I look forward to playing this week.

Q. In general, what are the biggest challenges you come over to play in Europe, having obviously played most of the year on the PGA Tour?
PATRICK REED: Biggest thing, of course, is getting used to the time zone and once that happens, you know, just kind of getting used to kind of the air because when you're here, just a light breeze seems to really affect the golf ball a lot, compared to at home if you have the same amount of breeze, it doesn't affect it as much. I feel like the air here is a lot heavier than it is back home. To that point, don't wear yourself out Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday trying to figure it out, rather than just being an athlete and go play.

Q. Do you get a chance to experience the culture in London?
PATRICK REED: Normally in the past, I haven't. I don't have time. But this year I'm going to go in and see London. I've been in the area, it seems like a lot in the past couple years, and I've yet to actually be in the middle of London and go see London. I'm definitely going to explore this year, especially on days I have my early tee time, go in.

Q. Anything in particular you're looking for?
PATRICK REED: Not really. Just kind of going in with an open mind. Going and just having some fun and just kind of visiting, sightseeing and just look at awesome architecture.

Q. How excited are you about playing your first event over here in England?
PATRICK REED: I'm really excited. Especially at a venue I've heard so many great things about and I've been able to see it. To come here and play it for the first time, after seeing what I saw the past two days out here, it's an amazing golf course, an amazing piece of property and looking forward to tomorrow and also looking forward to the tournament.

Q. First time here, what are your thoughts about actually the course itself?
PATRICK REED: Golf course is in perfect shape. It's one of these that you have to hit so many different kind of shots off the tee, working the ball both ways, as well as distance. Sometimes you're sending driver trying to get on it and sometimes you're trying to lay back to a number. Because of that, the fairways are a little bit softer, but the greens are really firm and have some speed to them. So it's going to be a premium on playing from the fairway. You have to play it from the fairway so you can control the irons and go into the green. At that point, just comes out to throwing darts and make sure you're hitting your numbers.

Q. Your first time playing in this event and you've played in a few European Tour events now. They have moved this tournament in the calendar and the field is fantastic this week. Must be a pleasure to be here.
PATRICK REED: With having it moved and the schedule now, it's a really strong field. It's amazing to come over and play in such a strong event.

It's one thing that I've always enjoyed, coming over and playing any European Tour event, you have a lot of these guys you haven't heard of, because when you're back in the States, and you get here and all of a sudden you realise how deep the fields really well and how good the golfers are, guys going out and shooting really low numbers in tough conditions.

It's one of these things, coming in now, you know the field is really deep and strong and you have to go out and step on the gas early and get going.

Q. A run of three events for you playing in Europe. Maybe performance-wise or finishing-wise, hasn't been what you hoped for, but have you enjoyed the last couple of weeks here playing on The European Tour?
PATRICK REED: I've really enjoyed it. I've always enjoyed going to Germany. I've enjoyed that event, my third year playing, and last week was the first time I've ever been to Amsterdam. That was a blast to play in that event and just seeing the area and the city and having some fun.

You know, it's one of these things that I felt like I didn't really get off to the greatest of starts in Germany, and last week I didn't get off to a great start on the first day but the game has kind of come into form the last three rounds. So hopefully I can take that momentum into this week and get off to a faster start so I'm not having to play catch up, and instead, have a chance to win a golf tournament.

Q. You get great receptions here in Europe. How much are you looking forward to interaction with the fans?
PATRICK REED: I can't wait. I'm pretty sure I'll get some sshhes. I'm pretty sure we'll have some friendly banter going back and forth. The fans here are unbelievable. Ever since I came over in 2014 Ryder Cup, ever since that point, the fans have just been unbelievable. They embraced me and you know, it's been a lot of fun. It's always awesome coming over and playing because they get it. They understand golf. They want to see great golf, and being the guy that they root against, it seems likes once every other year, now we're able to get the fans on our side and cheer for us.

Q. You're a real student of the history of the game, this must be special for you?
PATRICK REED: It's unbelievable. Hearing such great things about the place, as well as the golf course, and hearing the players just rave about how awesome a place this is and the golf course is, and for it not to fit the schedule the past couple years, it was definitely a bummer.

Now all of a sudden with the changes in the schedule, and be able to come over for the first time and play, and now seeing the golf course, I definitely wish I had come over a lot sooner because the place is unbelievable. It's amazing and I can't wait for the week to get started.

Q. The fans are a part of the reason why it's so amazing. It will be absolutely packed over the four days, very knowledgeable fans, as well. You embraced the role of pantomime villain. Do you have a relationship with the fans where they seem to enjoy you?
PATRICK REED: That's an amazing thing coming over. If it's not a Ryder Cup year, they seem to get behind me and they seem to have a lot of fun. They try to pick you up if you're not playing well and if you're playing well, they are trying to keep you going. It's one of those things that coming over and playing is a treat, and especially with the fans, and a place like this where it's going to be packed with people and how good the golf course is and how deep the field; it's going to be an awesome atmosphere.

Q. Up until August, you probably had not been too happy with your season but to get that win in the first of the Playoffs, you must be feeling good about the game at the moment?
PATRICK REED: Yeah, we feel good. I feel like the game is where it needs to be. I didn't really have the best of weeks in Germany, and then, you know, last week, getting sick and not playing well in the first round and then being able to rebound and play some solid golf the last three rounds, I feel like the game is where it needs to be and I'm taking that momentum going into this week. Now I feel my preparation has been really solid. Now it's just get ready for the tournament, get ready to get started and hopefully get off to a good start and have a good first round so I'm not playing catch up next week.

Q. Did you have any time after THE TOUR Championship to reassess how you're going to come into the fall?
PATRICK REED: Not really. I think I had five or six days total until I was on the plane coming over here and playing. I took off a day or two. I think I took off two days total and was back practicing and getting back at it and getting ready for this swing, and after this swing, I have a little bit of time off.

I have three full weeks, which will be nice to shut down for a little bit and just kind of reassess what we need to work on and what it will feel like is going the right way and just kind of move forward.

Q. Tiger Woods had a captain's blog this week, and he mentioned you. How much will that be on your mind the next few weeks?
PATRICK REED: Really as a competitor, it's always on the back of your mind, but really trying to keep it as far in the back of my mind as possible, because really, if you go out and play good golf, and you play well, win golf tournaments, it all takes care of itself. For me, it's go out and these starts I have, these chances I have to play, go out and try to have a chance to win late on Sunday if we close off a couple or have a chance to win, it will take care of itself.

Q. You've played quite a bit in Europe over the course of your career. Why is it important for to you split time between two tours?
PATRICK REED: I've always wanted to be a worldwide player. I want to grow the game worldwide, not just in our home country in the US. It would be easy to kind of stay home and play on the PGA Tour, but getting the opportunity to play on both tours has been a goal of mine. It's always been a dream of mine. Being able to come over and play and show my talent around the world as well as try to grow the game around the world has always been a dream and to be able to have that opportunity has been amazing.

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