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September 17, 2019

Ben Warnquist

Aurora, Colorado

BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, it was a good match. Got off to a fine start. We were battling back and forth, and then I got 2-up through 8, and I think it kind of -- it hurt me right in the middle of the round to get it back to square, and then at the end, eagle-eagle-birdie is tough to -- tough to beat, I don't know. I don't know what to do against that.

Q. And then going back to that stretch where you made a few mistakes, what would you have done differently, if anything?
BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, so No. 9, I'm 2-up on the tee, and I was really confident. I swung the driver, it was probably a 3-wood off that tee, to keep it down the left side in the fairway, make a par. But I hit it right, made bogey to get to 1-up. And then on 11, it's a par-3, I hit it in the left bunker and it plugged. These bunkers are pretty firm, and it was surprising to see a fried egg in there.

But that got us back to square. And from there, I played hard. I got to 1-down, and then I made a few putts. I made a good putt on, shoot, 13 to make a birdie and get it back to square, and then we got to the par-5, and he was in there tight for eagle, and I made a good long birdie putt to put the pressure on, but it didn't faze him. He made that eagle putt, and then the next hole, made another eagle. Not much to do on that. So I'm a couple down there, and then he hits it to six inches on the last hole. Nothing to do, credit to him, and you know, good stuff. That's it.

Q. You said you had played him before, so you kind of knew what you were in for.
BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, I knew he was a good player. We played in a member-guest earlier this year. I knew he was very good. But you know, it just comes down to who ends up shooting under par in these things. The course is set up very tough, and if you can shoot under par, you have a good chance of winning your match. That's the bottom line. And him 5-under in the last three, that gets him under par, a pretty good ways under par at that. But yeah.

Q. What would you take away from this whole experience this week, being medalist and getting to this point?
BEN WARNQUIST: Yeah, as I said, it's validating to beat a lot of good players in the two rounds of stroke play. I think I'll take more confidence in the future and try and carry a little more confidence into the tournament if I make it.

But yeah, it's validating overall.

Q. And then the schedule the rest of the year, do you go right back to your day job, or do you play a few more times?
BEN WARNQUIST: You know, at the end of the day, whether you finish top 32, top 16, top 8, nobody cares. I'll be back doing my job selling insurance tomorrow probably, trying to find a flight tonight. But yeah, so it's first or bust at the end of the day for me. But otherwise -- it's not like I didn't have a great experience, because I enjoyed the heck out of the week. But yeah, in the future, I'd like to make it deep and give myself a chance to win the tournament.

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