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September 15, 2019

Martin Truex, Jr.

Las Vegas, Nevada

Q. It's been a while for this race team, since Sonoma in June. Three of the last four Playoff openers he's able to do it. He told his team on the radio, Welcome back. What did you tell me earlier this week? We don't have the magic. Is the magic back now?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: It was today. That's for sure. We took a gamble this weekend. Thanks to everybody back at the shop that makes this happen: Toyota, TRD, Wally and all the guys, Todd and all the guys back there that build these cars.
We took a gamble, qualified 24th. For a while it wasn't looking too smart with the 4 out front. Got the right adjustments in the end. Had a great car all day long.
Thanks to Toyota, TRD, Auto Owners, everyone who makes this happen for us. Hell of a way to make a championship run. Get some good bonus points, move on to the next round, see what we can do there.

Q. You gave the credit to Cole Pearn, your crew chief. You said, You gave me exactly what I needed.
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: That run before when the 4 was running away from us, we got too loose. I just had to baby it for too long. The last five laps of the run, we started to equal out to him.
I just said, You got to tighten me up some more so I could hustle. At the end I was able to hustle all the way to the checkered and get to the end.

Q. I think everyone expected you to be in the next round. How big, though, to punch your ticket first race in?
MARTIN TRUEX JR.: It takes the pressure off, for sure. Biggest thing is just more Playoff points. Just next two weeks, we can try to get even more of those. That's huge. I mean, any Playoff points you get are going to help you get to Homestead.
I felt like after Charlotte we'd run good here. This package has been so tricky to figure out, you never know. Cole and the guys worked really hard this week to come here with something different. We took a bit of a gamble.
But it worked out. Thanks to Bass Pro, Toyota, TRD, everybody back in the shop, everybody on this team. Everybody has been working hard. Say hi to Sherry back home. Out of breath, a little hot out there.

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