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September 15, 2019

Georgia Hall

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Unbelievable win. Congratulations. You didn't get off to the greatest start. How did you turn it around?
GEORGIA HALL: Same as yesterday really. 18 holes is a long time, and I just stayed patient and played some really good golf, especially the back nine. So I'm thrilled.

Q. Around about 10, 11, 12, that was the main point of the round, wasn't it? Did you feel like you were in the swing of things?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was me to putt second quite a lot of times, and I holed the putt for half, which was crucial. And I actually chipped very well the last few holes. And then I managed to hit a good shot in there and two-putt was good enough.

Q. Looking at the board, it's nip and tuck, who do you go and follow, who favors the game?
GEORGIA HALL: Charley and Anne are probably somewhere in the middle. Their matches are quite tight.

Q. Georgia, how important were some of those putts to tie early in the match to keep it going?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I holed some really good, some 8-, 10-footers for half, which kind of kept the momentum going. And managed to hit some great shots on the back nine to get back to all square and then finally went ahead.

Q. And I'm sure you took an occasional glance at the leaderboard, saw it could go either way and how vital your match was. What does it mean to you be able to come through for your team?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I think it's more important to get some shots, some European blue wins on the board early. So I set out -- so hopefully the rest of the team can see that and keep on fighting.

Q. Where will you go now; who do you lend your support to?
GEORGIA HALL: Somewhere around the middle. Anne, Charley maybe -- the match is quite close.

Q. Georgia, fantastic performance out there. It ebbed and flowed a little bit, but strong at the end. What did your heart do on that 17th tee?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, a little bit nervous. It's not the easiest hole, 17. It was a tough pin and I hit a great shot in there, which was good enough to two putt for the win.

Q. Fantastic day, but it's been a fantastic week for you, unbeaten here at Gleneagles?
GEORGIA HALL: Pretty special. Four out of four. I had a great partner in Celine, and I was happy that I played really good today to get my singles win.

Q. Last time in Solheim Cup you felt pretty tired by the end. You had a rest session. How did you feel because yesterday was a long, tough day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yesterday I played 33 holes and you saw the weather. I was pretty tired, but you go on adrenaline as well. And I had a great -- well, Lexi, she's absolutely an amazing player, so I had to kind of be switched on from the start. I'm very happy to have the win.

Q. Go out and support this afternoon, where will you head?
GEORGIA HALL: Probably Charley and Anne Van Dam because their match is quite close.

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