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September 15, 2019

Carlota Ciganda

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

CARLOTA CIGANDA: I was a little nervous to begin with than I am right now. It's been a tough match. I wasn't very comfortable right there on the course. I tried to fight every shot, compete. And match play yesterday, to win (indiscernible) -- I think it was a good match, the weather from yesterday, it stayed very windy, today it was really nice, so you had to adjust your mind a little bit. I'm very happy to deliver that first point and hopefully we can get some more points.

Q. From a personal perspective, you get your first win. To lead the team, what does that mean?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: It means a lot. Catriona has been a great captain all week. She has lots of experience, whatever you think is the best, I'll do it every day. (Indiscernible) and I trust in you. And I said I'd like to play at the beginning. I think in the whole series, the Solheim Cup, I liked playing in the front and now I'll go see the other girls.

Q. Very Seve-like there?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, it was a tough hole, and making birdies, it's tough. The 18th hole is such a tough hole, anything can happen. I hit a 4-iron. Obviously I wanted to be at the back for that pin. It was a little tight. Tried to hit it and the wind just came up, and it showed (indiscernible).

Q. You've had a long week. You've played every match. Where do you find the energy to continue to go in a match like this that was so tough?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Mostly playing for Europe, playing for the teammates, playing for Catriona, the captain, it's been a great week overall. It's golf. And I'm (indiscernible) two, three points for Team Europe (indiscernible).

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