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September 14, 2019

Lexi Thompson

Marina Alex

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Half point secured. What a wild match. Was it as wild in the middle of the fray as it was watching that?
LEXI THOMPSON: It was just a wild day conditions-wise in general. Both sides played great golf especially with those conditions. You were going to see some poor shots just because of the wind. It was just difficult out there.

But Marina played great. The other team played great as well. We had to (indiscernible) them with par sometimes.

Q. There were some great shots played out there, credit to you guys. What about this experience you've had so far at the Solheim Cup, Marina?
MARINA ALEX: It's awesome. I've had some great partners out here. And after two matches, and Lexi today, it's awesome to have girls out here with unbelievable experience. Lexi carried me that first half of the match. And then I helped her out on the back nine.

LEXI THOMPSON: Came in the second half.

MARINA ALEX: Played really good, ended up having a great partnership out there. So it was awesome.

Q. Crazy day you had. Describe it from your eyes.
MARINA ALEX: It was like a tale of two nights for me, for sure. I had trouble starting off. And Lexi started off with unbelievable ball-striking. And areas she was struggling a little bit I was able to help her out. We played awesome together.

Q. The European side -- you had some chances today. Things could have gotten out of hand for both of you today. But you kept fighting. The conditions --
LEXI THOMPSON: That's a big part, the conditions. But match play let alone, you can never give up. Gotta be out there for your partner. But pars were good for a lot of these holes. We had to just stay in it. And the holes were getting more difficult. So just had to stay in it.

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