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September 14, 2019

Georgia Hall

Celine Boutier

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. What a fantastic day.
GEORGIA HALL: (Inaudible). But the weather is horrendous, especially this afternoon. But we (inaudible).

Q. Three out of three. Feeling better?
CELINE BOUTIER: I had the best partner out there.

Q. What were you feeling on 13 when you went 3-down? What was the feeling walking to the 14th together?
GEORGIA HALL: Got it back to two. They had some really good putts. (Inaudible). And Celine holed for an eagle. And it was awesome. And we chipped in the next one. We had to stay patient.

Q. What about that putt on 16?
CELINE BOUTIER: We kind of needed that one to tip the balance over, and it was great to be able to get that one.

Q. How do you feel the match has gone?
GEORGIA HALL: I think it's been tough. We have a (inaudible) this afternoon, so (inaudible).

I think we were down after five (inaudible), and we didn't start too great. We managed to put it back, play some great golf. And we just stayed patient.

Q. Where do you find the ability, where do you find it to eek it out on a day like today, with tough conditions, a long day for you all?
CELINE BOUTIER: It's tough. But it's one of the situations having a partner, you try to help each other and continue to believe. And then you get two holes, putt and win a hole and keep going. And the conditions are so tough that we also know that anything can happen.

Q. And the conditions, very important?
GEORGIA HALL: Playing foursome in the afternoon matches, very tight. And we didn't feel like we were going to win, but we did. It shows anything can happen tomorrow as well.

Q. The story of the day, where did the inspiration come from?
GEORGIA HALL: I have a great partner. We just stayed very patient after five. And it was very good. And we managed (inaudible) match after six holes, and we kind of just tried to get any momentum we could and take it with us.

Q. Were you talking to each other trying to urge each other on through those difficult moments?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, it's hard to cheer each other on when we don't really play very well, but today was a little tough at the beginning. But when we started to play better and make some putts (inaudible) and we kind of (inaudible).

Q. Can you talk about momentum, the crowd helping, all those things that contributed, did you feel all that as you closed the day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yes (inaudible). There were some holes. Even with the wind and rain, there's so many people out to support us. And that really kind of kept us going and managed to (inaudible).

Q. You probably didn't feel the weather with the way you guys were playing?
CELINE BOUTIER: Oh, we did feel it.

GEORGIA HALL: One hole we almost fell off the tee. We could hardly stand up. It was tough.

After five, we managed to kind of dovetail very well. Celine holed some great putts at the end. Managed to get it done.

Q. It was so difficult out there, Celine.
CELINE BOUTIER: Momentum at the beginning, tough at the end. It was a struggle all day. Just tried to be patient and keep having my confidence.

Q. What do you tell yourself when you're behind like that?
GEORGIA HALL: First time we've really been behind this week. So it's neat for us and I think taking any shot you have and trying to get as close as you can and win one hole and the match all down and keep the momentum. So we've done that we stayed very patient and managed to grind it out and win.

Q. You two quite like playing with each other, don't you?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yes it's been very successful so far. So, yeah.

Q. What's the secret?
GEORGIA HALL: I think our games are very similar. Celine's a very good chipper and my irons are very good we work very well in foursomes. And I think the back nine considering the conditions were horrendous we did great.

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