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September 14, 2019

Georgia Hall

Celine Boutier

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

THE MODERATOR: We have Celine Boutier and Georgia Hall from Team Europe. You staged a remarkable comeback this afternoon coming from 4-down after seven to win the last five holes and win 2-up. That means they've won all three of their matches together over the last two days and are undefeated.

You must be really thrilled with that performance, start with you Georgia.

GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, mine's and Celine's game gelled well for foursomes. She's a great putter and I hit, my iron shots are quite strong. So, we played really well both foursomes matches. We only had about 20 minutes to go and sit and have some lunch and warm, and then went back out and the weather was even worse.

And obviously it was a different format for us; first time playing fourballs this week. We didn't start off that great. The weather was horrendous. Could hardly stand up. And then, yeah, back nine we kind of switched on and played some really good golf so we're very happy.

THE MODERATOR: Celine, you were superb with the putter. You holed a 20-meter putt on 14, really turned the momentum in your favor. What was going through your head at that time.

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, I was just a little bit frustrated to that point because I had missed a couple of putts on the front. I was just like kind of a little bit frustrated but also ready to get going. I was kind of looking for that momentum and that putt was it -- actually the putt on 11 was.

But then I knew that they were going to make birdie on 14 so the only way to win the hole at that point was to make it. And since we were 4-down we were not going to have that many opportunities left. So I just tried to go for it and thankfully it went in.

THE MODERATOR: And what was going through your mind after 17, when you finally got 1-up?

CELINE BOUTIER: It was such a relief, but it was also kind of motivating because we had struggled all day and managed to come back. And finally to come up leading after 17 holes and only having one hole left to play was very gratifying and motivating at the same time.


Q. You've obviously played very well in a team format and now you're going to have to go and play your own ball tomorrow. How do you make that transition mentally?
GEORGIA HALL: I mean, this is my second Solheim. But when I played in the first one, I felt -- I went down first hole. I was, like, wow, now I'm on my own. It feels really weird because you're so used to having a partner.

But I think you just gotta focus on your own game, and you've got your caddie with you and go out and play your best golf you can.

Q. On paper, you guys don't have as high rankings collectively as the American team. Do you feel like underdogs going into the singles with an 8-all score?
CELINE BOUTIER: I actually didn't think we were underdogs. I thought our team was very good and we were on home soil. I didn't really pay attention to the rankings. I think in match play it doesn't matter, especially in a team event. So I never thought for a second that we were the underdogs, but that's just me.

Q. How much has the crowd helped you out there, especially in some pretty nasty conditions?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it was amazing to see so many people, especially when it started raining and the wind was so strong. They stayed out to support us. And that's really what we needed, especially the last kind of five or six holes. And I can't wait to see what the crowds will be like tomorrow. I think they'll be even bigger.

Q. After seven holes, you were 4-down. You weren't playing terribly well. The conditions were horrible. Do you talk to each other to say stay calm, we need to wait because we can turn this around, but we just have to stick with it? What sort of conversations do you have?
CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, we try to keep each other motivated. And I was trying to stay positive, trying to stay patient. Obviously we need to hang on to the good shots and try to take advantage of those to try to get some momentum, which we didn't really have that much on the front. But then on the back, when we started to play well and make some putts, then we kind of managed to use it to our advantage.

Q. Is there anything that's been said in the team room that's been particularly motivating for either of you, whether it was from the captain or fellow player?
GEORGIA HALL: I think we've had some, like when we arrived we had some like personal messages like from our families that we didn't know about. So that was nice, saying good luck.

And obviously I think we've got all our family with each player this week, which is nice. And we also had -- I think it was last night, like history of the European Team and how we've done well and all the players, and also all of our highlights as players in the video as well.

So I think Catriona's done a great job. And I think we've just all been bonding really well.

Q. Speaking of highlights, how long was Suzann's portion of those highlight videos last night?
GEORGIA HALL: I think they kept them pretty equal. But I saw, I think was it her dance yesterday on the first tee? That was pretty cool.

CELINE BOUTIER: Yeah, that was amazing.

Q. Do you have any preference to where you go out and play tomorrow, whether it's early or late?
CELINE BOUTIER: I mean, the first tee time is 11:45, which is a good thing. After that I really don't mind.

GEORGIA HALL: If I was out probably the first half that would be nice, just so I could get out there, I'm quite a quick player, but I don't really mind; wherever Catriona thinks is best.


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