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September 14, 2019

Georgia Hall

Celine Boutier

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Fantastic effort. How tough were the conditions out there?
CELINE BOUTIER: It was unbelievably tough. The course itself, without the wind, is pretty challenging. So add the wind, it was like 40 kilometers an hour. It's a very challenging course. But I think we did a very good job. And very steady all day and didn't really give them any opportunities to win anything.

Q. Georgia, around about 11, 12:30, that was just paramount, wasn't it? Tell me about those holes.
GEORGIA HALL: Yes, it's very important. I think we got two birdies in a row. Celine holed a really good one and I did to get us to 3-up. But it's such a battle out there, the wind was atrocious.

Q. Finally, obviously that first match, when you looked at it earlier, it was way up. How important was your point?
GEORGIA HALL: I think very. It's hard to close out matches on this golf course against the Americans. So we just kind of concentrate on our own games and managed to get the job done.

Q. What adjustments do you make when you get conditions like this, because you really can't practice for this kind of stuff and prepare for it?
CELINE BOUTIER: No, you just have to take it and be ready for anything. I think we kind of knew it was going to be windy out there, So we knew to stay patient, just make pars, find fairways and greens and just try to make everything the way we can, the way we have.

Q. Georgia, you talked about not getting frustrated, being patient. How difficult is just that especially with the conditions like this?
GEORGIA HALL: It's definitely a full-club wind out here. And putting is really hard to keep your balance. And you have to take into account the wind when you're reading putts as well, which is tough. But we played amazing and very happy to get the second win.

Q. You really did. Do you make any adjustments with your stances or anything when the wind is blowing like this -- on your putting?
GEORGIA HALL: I think most importantly trying to get your rhythm, not try and get too quick because the wind is blowing. But, like I said, Celine hit some amazing chips out there and mine were pretty good as well. So we kind of gelled well again.

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