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September 13, 2019

Angel Yin

Ally McDonald

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

THE MODERATOR: Ally, that had to be an amazing experience. We saw you out on the first tee this morning and then teeing off this afternoon and a win. This has to be an amazing whirlwind couple days for you. How are you feeling right now?

ALLY MCDONALD: It feels good. I think the opening ceremony last night got me pretty fired up. I kept everything kind of at bay and just trying to get the prep in to be ready to tee it up.

But last night at the ceremony, seeing the first tee this morning, I was very anxious and ready to get going this afternoon. That first tee was a huge relief and I was ready to get rolling.

THE MODERATOR: Angel, you were the opposite, what were you doing the first tee?

ANGEL YIN: In my bed dreaming.

THE MODERATOR: Fast asleep until, what, 10:30, we heard?

ANGEL YIN: 10:38 to be exact.

THE MODERATOR: Well, it worked for you. What was it about you and Ally that seemed to click today?

ANGEL YIN: I think we just have really great chemistry. We just had a nod here and there and we know what we're doing. Just a nod. Hat tip. That's all it took.

THE MODERATOR: What were some of the key moments of the match for either of you that you thought were really a crucial moment that pushed you toward victory?

ALLY MCDONALD: I think out of the gates, we both hit pretty good shots in on 1, and I hit a really terrible putt on 1, but Angel knocked hers in. And then we just kept feeding off each other.

The thing with best ball is if you can manage to throw your birdies back and forth, that just builds momentum and a lead. And we were able to do that starting out. If you can get up in a match early, that's big.

ANGEL YIN: We always had each other's back. It wasn't like a repetitive birdie. You got one hole, I got one hole -- just matched up perfectly. And I'd say if there was a turning point at all it would have been on nine where we went up -- we won that hole to keep it going, and then Ally just fired it up. We just -- that's when the match basically closed out.


Q. Ally, your folks missed their flight out of Memphis, had to hang around Newark for a while and got in at 8:30 this morning. How much of that were you dealing with? And how were you able to put that aside when you stepped on the tee?
ALLY MCDONALD: I wanted to know what was going on with their delays and everything. And I wanted them to be there for opening ceremony. They obviously wanted to be there probably even more.

But we were just kind of communicating. But they know that I tried not to worry about it. But they're my family so I'm of course going to want to know where they are and everything like that.

But when I saw them this morning, I guess it was near this afternoon warming up, I saw them on the range probably 45 minutes before tee time, it was just good to see they were here. But I wasn't super concerned. They were keeping me updated and once they got here it was real easy.

Q. Are they the only ones here, your parents, anyone else make the trip, short trip?
ALLY MCDONALD: They're here. My boyfriend Charlie is currently on his way.

Q. When did you first start dreaming about being on the Solheim Cup team?
ALLY MCDONALD: It was probably, it probably wasn't something that I truly aspired to do until I got to college. I made the goal for Curtis Cup, and when I made the Curtis Cup, I actually had a Solheim Cup -- we had like a perspective board and I had a Solheim Cup logo up on it to eventually make it.

So, yeah, probably around college, that was when I felt like if I kept pushing that I could eventually get there.

Q. Can I start with a boring question? Can I get the yardages of your birdies on the first three holes? I've got a bit of a guess on yours, Ally, but first three specifically.
ANGEL YIN: Putts or into the green?

ALLY MCDONALD: You made about a 5- or 6-footer on the first hole. I made probably about a 12-footer on the second hole. And then on the third hole Angel made about a 12- to 14-footer for birdie as well.

Q. And the second question is, when did you two know that you were going to be together, and did you do any practice together?
ALLY MCDONALD: We're in the same pod, so we thought we eventually might get paired together. And we found out on basically -- we had a pretty good idea maybe Wednesday afternoon, Wednesday evening -- for sure knew Thursday that we were going to be playing together.


THE MODERATOR: Angel, this is the first time we've talked to you since you were reunited with your special possessions, your clubs.

ANGEL YIN: Oh yeah.

THE MODERATOR: Had to be a good feeling to see those come into the party.

ANGEL YIN: Felt good. I miss my driver. I miss my putter, I missed my clubs. I missed clean clothes.

THE MODERATOR: Everything is now accounted for and you're good.

ANGEL YIN: I missed my shampoo. Yeah, everything is good.

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