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September 13, 2019

Ally McDonald

Angel Yin

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. I know you wanted to play in the wind (indiscernible) get fired up like you did today. Did that help motivate you maybe this afternoon?
ANGEL YIN: I mostly slept until 10:30. I woke up and I got to the course, I saw a lot of red. It motivating me, like, I'm really excited to go out, maybe get a point, well get a point -- not maybe, get a point for Team USA.

Q. You did. And, Ally, a lot of emotions you barely missed and you get back. What does it mean to not only get the nod, but to perform at this level, on this stage for Coach Inkster and the U.S. and the U.S. team?
ALLY MCDONALD: It means a lot, just being the (indiscernible) player when Juli called me, to step in and replace Stacy if need be, I knew it could go either way when I got here, but I was able to go in, and first match out get a point for the U.S. means a lot.

Q. Ally, you came into the team last minute under quite challenging circumstances, and now out here a performance like that. Can you sum up how you're feeling?
ALLY MCDONALD: I'm just excited. I was really anxious and more so excited to get out and tee it up this afternoon. And to get a point on the board for the U.S. means a lot, something I'll remember forever.

Q. Angel, obviously working great together as a team. There you are, 7 and 5 ties the largest four-ball victory ever in Solheim. Can you describe how that feels and why you work so well together as a team?
ANGEL YIN: I would say we're ham and eggs. We've always got each other's back no matter what and work together well as a team, communicate well. I think that's just such a good pairing.

Q. Would you agree, Ally?
ALLY MCDONALD: Yeah, we just kind of fed off each other. And especially in best ball, I think when you make a birdie and then on the next hole your partner makes a birdie, it goes really well -- kind of equaling out like ham and egging, like she said.

ANGEL YIN: All about communication.

Q. Angel, you missed out this morning. You must have been champing at the bit to get out there this afternoon?
ANGEL YIN: Juli knows I like my sleep, so she knows me best. She was, like, sit out. Okay, yeah, I understand. Whatever she says, I'll be, yes, ma'am.

Q. Different scenario for you, Ally. You only knew a few days ago that you were going to be part of this team. What were the emotions like through this round this afternoon?
ALLY MCDONALD: I was just fired up, ready to go. Just to be paired with Angel and just do our best out there and get a point on the board. I was just super excited and not knowing a few days ago obviously if I was going to be on the team, this was big, very exciting.

Q. You didn't just put a point on the board; you did it in some emphatic style because you've tied the record for the largest margin of victory in fourballs. What worked so well for you two today?
ALLY MCDONALD: We just ham and egged it really well. We kind of threw out our birdies in a pretty equal way, one birdie there, one birdie here. So it works well.

Q. What you did, 7 and 5 victory matches the largest victory total in fourballs all time. It happened in 1998. Pat Hurst was part of that team.
ALLY MCDONALD: That was the year I was born.

Q. See that, it's special. How much was this victory and how much was the way that you came out sending a message today?
ANGEL YIN: It wasn't just me; it was Ally. We just came out, we were calm, ready to go. I think that's just what made us play so well.

Q. You're a rookie. You didn't even know you were on this team a few days ago. How can you explain the experience you just had?
ALLY MCDONALD: A lot of fun, I think just this morning, getting to the first tee and seeing what it was like, being really prepared to know when I step on the tee in the afternoon match what to expect. And that kind of pumped me and just got me ready. I was anxious, excited to tee it up. And that's what got me going this morning.

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