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September 13, 2019

Georgia Hall

Celine Boutier

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

Q. Celine, your first point as a rookie. How are you feeling?
CELINE BOUTIER: Pretty unreal. I feel like my heart is about to explode. But I'm super happy and excited to bring the (indiscernible) to Europe.

Q. What was it like hitting the first tee shot today? That must have been nerve-racking.
CELINE BOUTIER: Actually I felt more nervous at the end than at the beginning, but it was pretty cool to be able to experience the first tee.

Q. Georgia, never easy to close, is it?
GEORGIA HALL: Never, especially when you're paired against two great players like Lexi and Brittany. But we played really well, and I'm happy to get that first point.

Q. Your iron play was electrifying. What was it like to produce shots like that in front of these crowds?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, we actually got the (indiscernible) right, me teeing off evens (indiscernible) which gave me a lot (indiscernible) shots in, and I'm glad that I stuck some really close on the front nine. And then Celine holed some good putts on the back nine, so we worked well.

Q. You didn't have a putt really until the eighth. And that went by the hole. This one (indiscernible) went past the hole. That's how (indiscernible) is?
GEORGIA HALL: Yes, this course is very different where I have so many shots onto the green. I think it was my third putt, so hard to get the pace in. But it is.

Q. Celine, what was it like playing in front of these huge galleries?
CELINE BOUTIER: It was a pretty fun experience. I feel like -- I love being at home in Europe and having all the home crowd behind us. It's definitely something special.

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