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September 12, 2019

Caroline Hedwall

Caroline Masson

Anna Nordqvist

Gleneagles, Scotland, United Kingdom

THE MODERATOR: It's my pleasure to introduce three very experienced members of the European team -- Caroline Hedwall, Caroline Masson and Anna Nordqvist. How have the preparations gone this week?

ANNA NORDQVIST: I think it's been an awesome week so far. I feel like it's been great team chemistry and everyone gets along. And it's just been a really relaxed and great feeling all along.

THE MODERATOR: Caroline, how are you keeping relaxed in the team room.

CAROLINE MASSON: We're just having a good time. I think everybody's really getting along so well with the other teammates and we're having so many laughs.

And you don't really have to do anything in particular just to have a good time and just enjoy being around with the girls.

THE MODERATOR: Caroline, had a four-year gap. You must be thrilled to be back in the Solheim Cup. And also great memories from 2013 when you won five points from your five matches.

CAROLINE HEDWALL: Absolutely. This is my favorite event. So I'm just thrilled to be back and I'm just looking forward for the tournament to start.


Q. Anna, I was chatting to some of your family on the course following you this morning. How great is it to have such great support behind you this week?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I think it's awesome. It means the world to me that my family makes the trip. I know it's a little shorter to make the trip this year than to Des Moines. We kind of started the tradition of dressing out and just having a good time in Des Moines.

So they've been planning this thing for a long time. Now there's two kids, two nephews. So it's fun seeing them come here, and they can get pretty loud. So they were trying out their voices today. It's pretty awesome, to be honest.

THE MODERATOR: You've been here before. How do you think you'll be feeling tonight and tomorrow ahead of the matches? Caroline, how do you think you'll be feeling tomorrow.

CAROLINE HEDWALL: I'm just going to try to get a good night's sleep because I know I'm going to need it for the rest of the week. I think we're going to have a great team atmosphere in the team room and just enjoy the night, having a good time together. And then just get a good night's sleep, to be prepared for tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: How will you be feeling tomorrow morning?

CAROLINE MASSON: Super pumped. I think it's such a cool week. You always forget how stressful Monday through Thursday is. And, I mean, while it's fun being out there and preparing and practicing, I think everybody can't wait for Friday to come around and just get this thing started.

So you can feel how the atmosphere is building with the spectators a little bit and just being out there with, I think, quite a lot of fans coming out today. So, finally I think we're getting this feeling okay we're not far from actually playing some golf.

Just like Carol said, we have to obviously get some good rest. It's going to be a long three days, but we're all super excited and can't wait to actually get playing.

Q. Suzann was just saying that she felt like the atmosphere on this team was different than previous years. Wondering if you all agree with that and why you think that is?
ANNA NORDQVIST: I think Catriona is a big part of it. She's very relaxed, very experienced, and she's so easy going. So I think that kind of transfers to the team. She makes things very easy for us this week. And I feel like she's putting a lot of thought into our schedules and the way she set up everything.

So we came here, what, two weeks ago after the Scottish. Even then, everyone was in a great mood and I feel like we have a lot of great characters on the team, and everyone just gets along when we're here as a team. Of all the teams I've been on, I feel like this is the closest everyone's been and the best team spirits we've ever had.

CAROLINE MASSON: Yeah, I also think that everybody kind of feels like we have the best 12 players of Europe on the team, which is great. And everybody that's on the team has worked hard and really deserve to be on the team. And I think that's crucial that everybody that is in that team room feels like, okay, I'm in the right spot here. Like, I don't have to hide. And you can feel that everybody's very comfortable. So I think that's just huge.

But, like Anna said, I think Catriona has done a great job being very open and honest, communicating really well with everybody. Everybody knows their role in a way and where they stand. And it just gives all the players a lot of confidence just being themselves in the team room and that they deserve to be here. And I think that's why everybody's going to be ready to play good golf this week, too.

Q. On this theme, I suppose if we focus on Catriona a little more, in what she's like behind the scenes with you guys, because we see one version of her on the course that maybe doesn't give away an awful lot. Do you have any particular stories about what she's like behind the scenes. It seems to be encouraging, this sort of good atmosphere?
ANNA NORDQVIST: We've been trying to have to drag her into the makeup room. (Laughter).

Apparently one of her daughters, she walked into the room yesterday. She was really pretty with all the makeup on. And one of her daughters said, "Mom, what's on your face?" (Laughter).

So I feel like she's such an easy character to get along. I think we all look up to her very much. And she doesn't like any bulls*. She doesn't like all these extra things. She keeps it very simple and very easy for us. It's been awesome.

CAROLINE HEDWALL: Yeah, I was just thinking -- I think, I mean, she's very easy going, and I think whatever you guys see -- she's the same person everywhere. Like it's just her and she gives everyone this sense of calmness.

I think we all think that she trusts us and believes in us. And I think that will be key this week and just having that encouragement from the captain.

Q. I've heard rumors about her singing behind the scenes, some stories about that, any singing this week?
ANNA NORDQVIST: Not that I've heard.

CAROLINE MASSON: No. It's a good idea. We'll try to make her sing in the past.

ANNA NORDQVIST: I think she danced in the past, but I don't think she'll want to remember that part. (Laughter).


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