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September 11, 2019

Kevin Na

White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia

THE MODERATOR: Kevin, seems like it's been quite a while since we've been back.


Q. Welcome back. Take us because to your win last year in 2018 at the Greenbrier.
KEVIN NA: Yes, it was in July. It was a great, great Sunday for me. I felt like I just made just about everything, everything I looked at. Cup looked about the size of a bucket. I have great memories coming here.

I enjoyed coming here even before I won. It's a beautiful resort. It's a great place to bring your family, do some activities. I used to always like going skeet shooting here. That was one of the fun activities I always do.

I'm glad to be back. Took a little more than a year to be back, but glad to be here.

THE MODERATOR: And this past season you won the Charles Schwab Challenge, so back-to-back seasons. Talk about this upcoming season and your goal.

KEVIN NA: Yes. You know, the confidence of I winning here carried over to when I was in contention at the Charles Schwab Challenge and I was able to get another win there back-to-back seasons.

But with the schedule change, I'm defending two tournaments this season.


Q. Did your wife have another baby?
KEVIN NA: We had another baby. First one is obviously a girl, Sophia, and our second, we had a boy named Leo on August 19th; 7 pounds 5 ounces. Mom and the baby are both healthy and it's been great.

Q. Yeah, I was curious...
KEVIN NA: I tried to push the name Kevin for the middle name, but it didn't work. My wife, she shut me down.

Q. You don't have any pull on that?
KEVIN NA: I guess not. I thought I had more pull in the house, but no. (Laughter.)

Q. Talk about in difference in this golf course in July and maybe what you saw today as far as the firmness, green speeds, what have you.
KEVIN NA: I thought it was going to be cooler. It's not. But the course, last year I believe it rained Friday but by Sunday got really firm and played tough.

Right now it's very firm, very fast. I was just walking in here saying -- my agent asked me, How is the golf course playing? It's playing very difficult or I'm a terrible golfer, one or the other.

I think it's playing very difficult. I don't think the scores are going to be quite as low if it stays as firm as it is.

Q. Congratulations on your son.
KEVIN NA: Thank you.

Q. Was curious, too, because you skipped those last few playoff events, which, I mean, that's not an easy decision.

Q. Obviously for very good reason.

Q. How much hungrier do you come in here?
KEVIN NA: I'm very well-rested. It was weird having that much time off. It's usually after the TOUR Championship you have one week off and you're starting right away. This year there was to weeks off and then I skipped BMW, and because I skipped BMW I didn't get into the TOUR Championship, so I had four weeks off.

It's rare you get four weeks off in August. Like I said, I feel fresh. I'm ready to go and excited about this new season. Not only am I excited, the first tournament of the year I'm defending so there is more excitement.

Q. And finally from me, a new cut line this year, 65.
KEVIN NA: 65 and ties.

Q. How do you like it or not like it?
KEVIN NA: You know, for my pension it's not very good. 70 and ties, that extra pension point is nice.

No, I'm kidding. No, I think it's, you know, on of those deals that, I mean, it could not affect you for the whole year. You know what I mean? You might not be in that bubble. You might be -- the one time it's 68 or 69 or 70 you might not on that cut line. You might be well in it or well out of it.

It's all about timing. I don't mind it. There are times where you do make a cut on the number and guys do go on to win a tournament.

Q. That's right.
KEVIN NA: About once a year to once every other year. Plenty of time guys finish in the top 10.

You know before the week starts that the cut is 65 and ties. Everybody knows, and that's the way you got to play to.

Q. Well, more for first place, too, so you got to win this year.
KEVIN NA: More for first place because?

Q. Didn't they increase...
THE MODERATOR: It's still 18%.

Q. It's going to be more. Let's put it that way.
KEVIN NA: Thanks.

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