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September 10, 2019

Zheng Saisai

Zhengzhou, China


7-6, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. How do you feel about the match and what do you think about your performance?
ZHENG SAISAI: At the beginning everything went well and then it starts to rain and I lost a bit of my rhythm. Then the match continued at 4-1. At that time I lost my focus and my opponent caught up with the point. In the tie break I feel I got the control of the game. After that in the second set I became more focused on the game and went on to the win.

Q. You have just finished your matches in America and Canada. In the US Open you lost early in the first round and after that, after all the matches, what do you think of your performance and your feeling about your game right now?
ZHENG SAISAI: In the US Open I played both singles and doubles and my doubles game went to the quarterfinals, so there was little time for me to make adjustment. And I don't play singles for quite a long time, so I think I made the adjustment in today's match to get used to the singles. I'm sure my next match will be much tougher and I have to improve my game in serving and returning. I will also practice something different to prepare for the doubles here.

Q. You are a good player in doubles and now you play both, how do you manage the balance between them?
ZHENG SAISAI: Yes, playing both has advantages and disadvantages. On the one side you may find you're tired after playing singles and you have to prepare for the doubles. On the other hand, your doubles game may help you to improve your performance in singles. And this year I think I found the balance in both of the games and I am more experienced in arranging my games.

Q. Last year you won a title here, this year the event became a Premier WTA event. So it's more like you are a defending champion. Can you tell the difference from last year?
ZHENG SAISAI: No, I don't think of myself as a defending champion, it's a totally different game, a higher level event. I'm familiar with this place and the atmosphere here, this time I noticed that there are more fans here and I'm very happy to see this because many top players come here to play this time.

Q. You just won a WTA Premier title, do you think this title will bring more attention and pressure on you and what does this title mean to you?
ZHENG SAISAI: For myself and my team this title means a lot. It's like a recognition and reward for me and my team's hard work. Because I just recovered from the injury before the Premier I think this title is also for my team members. They did a great job and I hope I can do better in the future.

Q. In the social media we notice you took Alison Riske and other players to try the hot pot and learn the square dance. How do you come up with this idea?
ZHENG SAISAI: Long ago I proposed them to take them to try hot pot and they all wanted to try it. That day I took them to the hot pot and when we come back after finishing the hot pot we noticed the square dance people. Then I told them it is cool to dance with them, so they took a dance and had a short video with that. They are all very nice girls and they like Chinese culture very much.

Q. Let's talk about your opponent in the next round. That may be Alison Riske and Angelique Kerber. What do you think of them?
ZHENG SAISAI: I think both of them are top players. I will watch their games tonight. And for Riske, I think she's a tough player, she always tries her best in every match.

For Kerber, she used to be a Grand Slam champion, so I think I will watch their match and do a little practice and adjustment tomorrow.

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