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September 10, 2019

Duan Yingying

Zhengzhou, China

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. What is your feeling about this match, because we knew it's been along while that you haven't played a singles match in WTA games and this is a quick loss.
DUAN YINGYING: Yes, in the last year I only played four or five singles games, so it's quite a long time that I haven't played singles games. The singles games are quite different from the doubles. Like different rhythm and different movement. Though I lost today I think my performance is much better than what I expected. Though I don't play singles games for quite a long time, I still have my feelings about the match, but it's going to take awhile to feel much better.

Q. Since you played a lot of doubles games your ranking in singles dropped very quickly. So how can you manage to balance, make a balance between those games?
DUAN YINGYING: Yes, this year I have an illness for three months so it's a very special condition which makes my ranking in singles drop a lot. I only played the doubles game in the French Open and my doubles game, because I played a lot in doubles and my rankings were coming up very quickly.

Q. We all know that you are quite familiar with Zhengzhou and you have played the 125K WTA games and other national tennis games here. So this year the tournament became a Premier WTA tournament, so do you notice any differences compared to the pass?
DUAN YINGYING: Yes, I have noticed a lot of differences. For example, the courts are better and the organization is great and the crowds are also fantastic. All in all I think it's much better than before.

Q. What is your plan for the future? I mean, in the next one or two years would you like to play more in doubles or singles and what are your plans?
DUAN YINGYING: Recently I played a lot in doubles and next year will be the Olympic games that will be held, so I will play more doubles to increase my ranking, to improve my ranking, therefore to acquire the qualifications for the Olympic games.

Q. We know that you have played with Xu Yifan and Wang Yafan, these two tennis players in doubles and right now you are teaming with Zheng Saisai. What do you think you two can play best on the court?
DUAN YINGYING: I think me and Zheng are very complimentary for each other. She has a better feeling on the net and I can hold our baseline solidly. Recently we played a lot of doubles and we played better and better every day.

Q. We know that you got second place in the French Open doubles, so does this experience boost you or encourage you for your career and we're curious about where do you put your trophy?
DUAN YINGYING: Yes, every player wants to play in the finals in the Grand Slams and of course you want to be the champion. And this experience just, after my tough period of illness, I think it gives me a great encouragement because in that three months it's very hard for me to watch others play and I have to stay in bed. The trophy is now in my home.

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