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September 9, 2019

You Xiaodi

Zhengzhou, China

THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Congrats, you're going to play your first premier game and you have won three rounds of qualifying games. What's your feeling about your game?
YOU XIAODI: I played very solid and I think I also played consistently. In the first round of qualifying games that was a tough game. Other than that I played very consistently and played well. I'm very happy that I could make it to the games and that it will be my first Premier match. It was not easy for me to win through three rounds into the main draw, so I'm very happy with my performance.

Q. In the main draw first game you will play Ostapenko and she won the French championship two years ago. Are you familiar with her game and what is your preparation for your next game?
YOU XIAODI: I think she is an aggressive player and very comprehensive performer on the court and I will try my best to win.

Q. You have just won a title in Jinan and you have won many points and your rank will be Top-250, and you are very likely next year for the qualifying games for Grand Slam games. So are you happy with this goal?
YOU XIAODI: Actually, I have no idea about my ranking because I have to pay more attention to the games. The rest of this season I will try to win as much as I can to win points and improve my ranking.

Q. Actually we don't know much about you, so can you give us a brief introduction to yourself and your background and which provincial team are you representing?
YOU XIAODI: I started to play tennis when I was 12 and most of my life I lived in Guang Dong and I trained, I was trained there. My contract has just finished, so right now I'm a free agent. I was born in Nanjing Jiangsu Province. So currently I play for myself to win games to cover my daily expenses and this puts a lot of pressure on me. And compared to the past, I think I will make more attention to some details off the court.

Q. Do you think 12 years old is a relatively old age to start to play tennis?
YOU XIAODI: Yes. My parents, they are not athletes and when I was young my goal was to stay healthy in playing tennis.

Q. We have noticed that you have been to the WTA doubles finals in the past and you went to the United States to take training. So do you think your performance in the doubles helped your game in singles?
YOU XIAODI: Yes, when you improve yourself in the doubles game you will meet a lot of top players which helped me to improve my performance in my singles game. I will continue to play in both singles and doubles to improve myself because I think this is good for me.

Q. Can you introduce to us about your game style and your advantage and how do you prepare for your game?
YOU XIAODI: I think my advantage includes that I can play very solid, I can serve well consistently, but I still need a lot of improvement for my game, like some comprehensive improvement, including my approach into the net, the way of attacking and to seize the opportunity in games.

Q. Can you introduce us to your coaches?
YOU XIAODI: My coach is an Italian coach. We just started our working together, but unfortunately he has to attend to his business and he could not be here with me this time. He keeps track of my live scores and he gave me advice and plans for my game.

Q. We are wondering who is your idol in the tennis world throughout your career or who inspired you?
YOU XIAODI: Yes, my idol is Rafa Nadal, he just won the US Open title. In the morning I watched a little bit of the final games. It was a very tough game. Fortunately he held his serve in the final set and won the title. I learned a lot from him and what impressed me a lot is his resolution and determination for the game, which inspired me the most.

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