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September 2, 2019

Diego Schwartzman

New York, NY, USA


3-6, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Talk about how tide changed in the second set.
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, I think after the first set, I have many chances in that first set, so I was thinking after that how to figure out how to take the chances, to be leading in the score in the second set quickly.

I did a great save at 2-All in the second set. Was very, very important for me. Also against him, he's a big guy when he's up in the score, so was important to won that game.

After that, I think I start to change a little bit my game and I start to think, Okay, now this is how I need to play.

Then in the third and in the fourth, I tried to do the same: trying to be aggressive, trying to do good defenses. Was a great match after that first set.

Q. You said on the court you're a big returner. You're top five in every return category. How much do you know going into matches that you have to break a lot? Also, since Zverev is struggling with his serve, double-faults. What weaknesses did you see in his game?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, I have a lot of confidence in my return. I was trying to study where my opponents are going to serve in important moments, in every single moment. I saw many videos of Alex serving. I know it's a weapon in my game. I need to use.

I'm always trying to improve. You never know when you are going to improve or when is going to be important the return. Today Alex have a struggle, like you said, with the second serve, many double-faults. That give me a lot of, you know, chances in many games, chances to be back in the game, chances to have breakpoints.

I was thinking, Okay, how I'm going to take these chances when I have to?

I think it's a big part of my game, the return. Today I did great, you know, putting apart his double-faults.

Q. Did you really assume that you were going to play Berrettini next?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yes, 100%. We were playing at the same time. On TV in the Ashe, they were putting the set points and the match point. I was thinking, Okay, next one is Berrettini. I lost against him in Wimbledon with three match points. So, okay, I have him again. Then was Rafa or Cilic.

Q. Does that happen from time to time?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Many times. Many times. I'm trying to don't see the draw. Sometimes is very difficult because of you guys (smiling). But it's okay. I mean, when I see, I see. I don't have any problem. I'm just not trying to go forward before the match.

Q. Now you do get to go forward and you may face Nadal. What would be the best chance for you to beat Rafa? What would you have to do?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, hit very hard to the lines.

No, I need to be focused. Tomorrow is going to be a big day. I need to study my games against him. I have many good games, very good matches against him. I had my chances against him many matches, but I didn't be able to win that opportunities against him.

You never know when are going to come the next opportunities. Maybe it's the next match against him. I need to be ready.

Q. If it's Cilic, what different type of challenge does he pose for you?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, is different challenge. Big opponents, both of them. Marin already I beat him a few times. I know how to beat him on court. I have the confidence to beat him. Against Rafa, didn't happen yet.

It's going to be a different totally match against these two guys. If Marin wins, I need to be ready for the challenge as well. But I have the confidence to beat him. I have the confidence to beat Rafa, as well. Are different matches, yeah.

Q. Sometimes when you're playing a big server, especially if you're a good returner, you focus on breaking serve. Also holding serve is obviously job number one. You're 5'7", you have such disadvantages compared to big guys. What is your philosophy when you go into a match like this? What are you thinking about the hold games?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Well, I'm not thinking that when I'm serving in five-set matches. I'm trying to take the good things in my serve. Okay, I'm not doing aces. The guy, my opponent, need to play every single point.

When I'm in the return, I'm thinking the same. I have the confidence to beat many guys when the match is going many hours on court.

I know my serve is not the best, but I'm doing good things, good first service, to have the second ball easy, if I can say that. Yeah, like you said, it's not just the return. I need to be very, very focused in my serve. I think these two weeks I'm doing good things with my serve.

Q. There's not that many Jewish tennis players, a lot of Jewish people in New York.

Q. Have you gotten particular support from that community here?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Yeah, around the world many times happen, the community is with me. Also we have a lot of Argentinian, so I'm feeling like I'm home here. Since two years ago, every time I come to America, I feel really, really good. These two weeks is happening. I'm feeling every single match the people is with me. So helping a lot.

Q. When you're talking about watching the videos, whether it's to see return patterns, how much time do you spend on that? Is that something you do in the hotel all night?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: I don't spend all the night. I try to see after dinner before sleep because the science people said before the sleep you have the things, the memory is working better. I'm trying to, yeah, see a few videos, see a few games of my opponent's serves.

You never know. Sometimes it's not working. Sometimes I try to go the percentage of the serve where it's going to be in the important moments.

Q. Is that something you've done for many years?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: Since I'm playing big guys so I can see YouTube or tennis TV, yeah. Two, three years ago I'm trying to do it.

Q. Do you take any special extra pleasure in beating guys who are much taller than you are?
DIEGO SCHWARTZMAN: No, no, no. It's classic for me. Maybe for you, I don't know. You enjoy it more (smiling).

I think for the people, it's helping to be with me on court. They see the small one and the big one, they are going with the small one. I think that is helping sometimes.

But, no, I'm not thinking about that on court and outside the court.

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