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September 2, 2019

Cori Gauff

Catherine Mcnally

New York, NY, USA


6-0, 6-1

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Did experience play a significant role in this or something else altogether?
CATHERINE McNALLY: I think obviously the team we played is super good. They're both great singles players, very accomplished. I think they just played really well tonight. They brought more energy. I think we needed more energy out there.

I think if we were able to get that, get, like, the crowd support, that would have helped us. I mean, they played really well, so...

Q. Coco, did that feel like a different level of competition playing those two?
CORI GAUFF: Not really. I think that just today wasn't the best day for Caty and I. Like she said, we didn't start off good, and I guess that momentum kind of dragged on the whole match.

But, I mean, obviously it is a little bit of a different level because it's the first match we lost. I think we'll get it next time.

Q. Individually, what did you get out of this tournament to help your games grow?
CATHERINE McNALLY: For me, I think I just kind of proved to myself that I can play at this level with the highest players. Taking a set off Serena, that was unbelievable. It just shows that I'm right there. If I can just keep working on the tennis part of the game, on the mental side, that's going to be huge.

Then it just shows, like, doubles-wise that we're right there at the top.

CORI GAUFF: Yeah, for me, for singles, I think the tournament was good. I learned a lot. Got to play on the biggest court in tennis. Obviously this is my first main draw in the US Open. I thought it was a good experience.

For doubles, like Caty said, we're at the level. I mean, we just need to work and improve.

We're both so young, played so little together, that just shows we can improve a lot on what we already have.

Q. What will both of you take away and remember from the past week?
CATHERINE McNALLY: For me, I think it's just going to be playing on Ashe at night. That was really cool. Playing against Serena before her career ends.

Then also just playing yesterday on Louis Armstrong with Coco, that was really fun. Just the crowd and all the support we got was unbelievable.

CORI GAUFF: For me, it would just be the crowd in general. I think even today they were trying to push us, even though we weren't giving them much to push for.

They were really trying to help us, even throughout all our matches of singles and doubles. To me, I'll just remember the crowd. Hopefully I'll get to experience that crowd support again next year.

Q. You both played marquee matches under the bright lights. How hungry does it make you to get back to that level in the future?
CATHERINE McNALLY: For me, it really motivates me because I really enjoyed my time out on center court. I just want to keep working super hard so I can get back out there as soon as possible playing against the top players.

CORI GAUFF: Yeah, same thing for me literally. We're both still learning, are new to this. We're winning a couple matches at this level. We got to the second week of the tournament. It just shows that we are at the level. Obviously we can improve on some things to get to the top of the level.

Q. When you won yesterday, I heard Coco, you were shouting to Caty, Full house. Big crowd today as well. Do you think what you've done, Serena and Andy playing at Wimbledon, will get people more interested in doubles, players and fans?
CORI GAUFF: For me, playing in the home crowd, at least in New York, I think the crowd really supports just Americans in general, whether it's in doubles or singles.

I mean, I knew people would be at our matches. I didn't think it would be, like I said after the match, a sold-out crowd. I didn't think it would be that many people.

I think obviously with the help of more singles-dominant players playing doubles will get more people interested. Doubles is really complicated, because you can't control the other person on the court. You don't always know what they're going to do. I think that people should watch it. It's tough to play doubles. It's not an easy game.

Q. As much as you've seemed to have enjoyed the last week and a half, is part of you looking to some quiet time, being out of the spotlight for a little while?
CORI GAUFF: Yes and no. I want to win more. I wanted to be here longer obviously and stay here, win the tournament. I mean, now that I get -- I don't know, because there's a hurricane at home. I'm going to probably have to stay here for a couple days until that's gone.

Once that's gone, I think it will be nice to have some quiet time and figure out the schedule, get time to practice and everything.

Q. Do you two have a pact to continue playing together for years to come?
CATHERINE McNALLY: Yeah, definitely. I mean, this is only our third tournament together. We play so well together. There's no reason why we would stop.


CATHERINE McNALLY: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to playing with her again. Hopefully our tournament schedules work out soon. Whenever we play the same tournament, we'll play.


Q. How would you describe your friendship? What does it mean to have each other going through this experience?
CORI GAUFF: For me, our friendship is great. I'm a little bit annoying. Like today, I had so much energy before our match, I was, like, talking so much to Caty. She was kind of listening but not really.

But on court, I mean, I think it shows that we have good chemistry. A lot of the times I know what Caty is doing without us even communicating to each other. I think that's really hard to I guess teach or learn. I think that's just maybe because we're the same age, I don't know.

I think having a relationship off court definitely helps us on the court.

Q. Speaking of the hurricane, have you talked to folks back home? How long are you going to stay in New York and what will you do?
CORI GAUFF: Everything's okay as far as I know at home. It's not our first rodeo, so... I think us people that live in Florida, we're kind of used to the hurricanes coming.

I don't know when I'm going home. I guess I have to figure out how the damage is, when that's over.

To answer the last one here, I want to see some Broadway shows, I don't know, maybe go shopping.

Q. Which show?
CORI GAUFF: I definitely want to see Lion King. I've seen it already, but I want to see it again.

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