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September 8, 2019

Maria Camila Osorio Serrano

New York, NY, USA

M.C. SERRANO/A. Yepifanova

6-1, 6-0

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. All week long you have been telling me you came just because you want to be a Grand Slam champion. You are a Grand Slam champion. How does it feel?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: No, it's unreal. Like, it's been a really great week for me. I'm just so happy and thankful for this. I'm blessed. And nothing. I can't believe I win.

Q. You seemed so tired last night. How did you recover? How happy are you with how well you played today?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah, nothing. When I finished that match yesterday, I was, like -- no, right now I'm feeling good. I was just focused on today and my match.

Every time I go to play a final, I just want to win. I will just focus on win. Not just win. In every point. Play every point and give my best on the court. That's what I did.

Q. Finishing with an ace? Pretty nice way to win your first title? How does that feel for you?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah. You know, I have been working really hard on my serve, because I think that is one of the things that I really need to work on to be a pro, because I want to be a pro. I am really focused on that. When I went with an ace, I was, like, No way, an ace (smiling).

I don't know. I can't believe I won the tournament. I didn't know how to celebrate, so I just, you know, I fall on the floor, yeah, and thank God. He's the one that give me this.

Q. With a result like this, how close do you feel now to the pros? Such a big goal for you. What do you feel like you need to improve?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: I would say my serve, one of the things to work. Also maybe my fitness, because I need to get stronger and everything. Because, you know, all the girls that are playing here like Bianca, I have to work on everything. I need to get better.

Also my mental part. I think it's one of the most important things to work.

Q. Do you feel closer now maybe than you did a few days ago?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Oh, yeah, of course. Like right now I win a tournament, a Grand Slam, so I can do it maybe in pro (smiling).

I feel like I'm getting closer to what I want. My goal is being No. 1 in the world but in pro, so this is just the beginning. I have a lot of things to work on, you know, and focus.

Q. You hadn't played your opponent before. What did you think of her game? What did you figure out during the match that you used to win?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah, she's a really aggressive player. I knew the match before she won in three sets, both matches, so I knew she was a little bit tired, also. Just like me.

But she was a really aggressive player, so I was thinking of moving her a lot. Also put a lot of first serves in, because then she's going to attack my second serve.

Yeah, I think that's it. And also my game, move a lot and move my legs. I was tired, too, but I was just focused on move a lot.

Q. There was a huge Colombian contingent in the stands cheering for you from the get-go at the US Open. There was an American player on the court. But the Colombian fans were so enthusiastic for you. Did you notice that? Did that help you today?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah, there was a lot of people from Colombia cheering for me. And also yesterday after the semis, there was a lot of people also texting me and sending me message on Instagram and saying that they believe in me and that I'm doing a great job. So I was, like, Okay. What is going to happen if I win the tournament?

Yeah, nothing. I'm really thankful for this and I want to thank them because the whole week they have been, you know, supporting. So just thank you for that.

Q. How are you going to celebrate tonight? You and your brother?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Party. No, I'm kidding. I'm not 18 yet (smiling).

Q. You need to be 21 here.
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah, so I need to be 21. I need to wait a little bit. Maybe when I get back to Colombia (smiling). Party.

No, nothing. I just want to come back with my family and also -- I don't know. Just hug them and thanks for everything. Because of them is that I'm here right now.

Q. What's your schedule for the next few months?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Well, I will play some 60Ks here in U.S. and another 25 also. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking right now.

Q. You'll stay in the U.S.?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: No, I'm coming back to Colombia for two weeks to train, and then I will be back to play these tournaments.

Q. You definitely won't play Orange Bowl? Have a chance of ending the year at No. 1?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: I don't know. I just saw that I will be No. 1 now after this tournament?

Q. I don't know.
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: I don't know. Someone told me. Okay. I don't know. But, yeah, I'm not playing Orange Bowl. This was my last junior tournament. Yeah, now I will be focused on playing pros and maybe getting in Australia.

Q. How does this maybe change your goals moving forward or maybe how fast you're thinking in terms of your schedule for the next couple of months and into next year?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Yeah, you know, just focused on be pro and get a better ranking in WTA right now. After this week I will be like 230 or something. My goal is get into quallies in Australia. I will play a lot of pro tournaments. Win some matches and see if I can get in.

Q. Do you think you might hear from Roger after this?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: Ah. Well, I hope so. If he's watching this, This is for you, too. You're my inspiration. I love you so much (smiling).

Yeah, that's it. So I hope he can say something to me. Just like, Hi.

It's okay for me. Just hi. It's fine.

Q. Less than a year ago you faced Bianca who you mentioned earlier. Are you surprised she was able to win here?
MARIA CAMILA OSORIO SERRANO: You know, I'm the one that give her luck for this. After that match she start playing good (smiling).

No, I'm kidding. Yeah, she's unreal. She won a Grand Slam with only 19 years old, so, you know, that makes me believe and that I can, you know, maybe one day be here but playing of course the pros.

Yeah, she's an example for me. Yeah, I also want to congrats her. She's unreal.

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