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September 8, 2019

Bubba Wallace

Indianapolis, Indiana

Q. What a run today for Bubba Wallace and this 43 team. Unbelievable, third‑place finish for you. Where did that come from?
BUBBA WALLACE: I don't know, it's not supposed to happen, according to Twitter. Supposed to run 25th to 30th all week and crash cars. It's pretty banged up, but the King come down and gave me a big bear hug. I haven't had one of those hugs since the 500 last year, so you know it's a special day and special weekend when he's excited and he's not sitting on the plane already waiting on us.
But we've had speed since we unloaded here, and with this package it kind of evened the playing field out and we were able to capitalize. A lot of guys wrecked out early.
Super long race. I come over the radio, I'm like, it's bad when you start smelling yourself. You know it's a long race. But what a hell of a day for all of us, going from the lowest of lows almost to the highest of highs. I knew we didn't have anything for the 4 or the 22, really the 12, but just with this package we were able to kind of manipulate the air, and I gave Blaney a lane. He's still pissed off, so I'll buy him a beer, it's all right.
But hell of a day for my guys, everybody on the Worldwide Technologies Chevrolet, everybody at Victory Junction, Chevrolet, Air Force, everybody that helps out this program that's so small and we need everybody touching, feeling, sending messages about this car. Hey, text Bubba to 36413 to Victory Junction to help donate. I nailed that. My PR person is giving me a hell of a thumbs up.
Yeah, I'm going to chug this Coke and then it's going to turn into something else after this because we're going to go party. Appreciate you all. Hell yeah.

Q. Runner up at the Daytona 500, you shone at the All‑Star Race and now here at the Brickyard a top three. What is it about these moments, these big tracks that brings out the best in you?
BUBBA WALLACE: That's a great question. I have no idea. I think mentally it was challenging for me the last 30 laps because you go hard and you're running fourth and third and the caution would come out, and I always jinx myself, like even back in the truck days when we were winning, I'd always start thinking about what am I going to say in Victory Lane, what am I going to do.
But it reassures me that I still have that excitement and that feeling of winning and going out and competing. People ask, how do you keep doing it every weekend. That right there, that feeling, that excitement, that little kid feeling, being able to come back, and I wouldn't say it was a dream because I didn't know anything about this sport when I started, so I'm just here taking it all in, enjoying it and making the most of it. But again, that's not supposed to happen. We're not supposed to run with these big teams. What the hell? Somebody can drive.

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