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September 8, 2019

Joey Logano

Indianapolis, Indiana

Q. Joey, you almost won this thing. Talk about the final few restarts with Harvick. You were able to get a couple spots there one time but couldn't get the last one?
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, solid run, and I'm still mad about it. Go figure. Man, just that close to winning here. It means so much to win at Indy, and I wish we could have got it. But proud of the effort of our team. Like you said, we did need a solid run.
We got a playoff point by winning the stage and that was kind of the strategy for us today is we were pretty much locked in second in points so it was all about getting playoff points as much as possible, so we got one and had a shot at the win on the final restart, and man, the 4 was fast. He was quick. Kind of needed something crazy to happen to be able to get ahead of him, but had a good restart, was able to stay with him through 1 and 2, maybe tightened my run a little bit early into Turn 3 and maybe I could have done a little better job there. I don't know if it would have been enough. Probably still wouldn't have been enough, but I would have felt better about myself at least.
But overall I feel strong about our day today and going into a racetrack that we won at in Vegas last time we were there, so we're ready to make another championship run at this thing.

Q. As we focus on the playoffs, let's talk about where the 22 team is. You've told me the speed is there, it's cleaning races up. Is that the main goal in the first round here?
JOEY LOGANO: Yeah, we just need to execute like we did today. We've got to have perfect days all the way through. It's so hard to recover these days. You don't typically have the cautions that we saw here today where you get another caution one after another after another where you can get a Lucky Dog or come back, so typically you're going to have long green flag runs where you just have got to be perfect. There's no time for recovery.

Q. Is this team better in the playoffs, Joey, when the pressure is on?
JOEY LOGANO: Oh, I love it. I love it. It brings the best out of me. A lot of people crack, but I think for us, it brings the best out of this race team. I look forward to the playoffs every year because it's the time that you learn the most about yourself. You grow the most. Pressure has kind of the ability to do that. So I can't wait.

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