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September 8, 2019

Nathaniel Crosby

Hoylake, United Kingdom

Q. Playing in that atmosphere, a pretty exciting morning for you?
NATHANIEL CROSBY: I feel a little bit short-changed on that last match but feel very rewarded with Brandon and Alex winning that first match. You know, got a point back. It's a one-run game and eight points out there, so let's see what happens this afternoon. Our guys are definitely motivated.

Q. Pretty level going into this afternoon; what factors do you think are going to get you the win out there?
NATHANIEL CROSBY: Well, I think Steve and Cole are a little anxious to keep their -- to earn their keep this week, so I think that they're going to -- they're going to lead off -- or actually they're finishing up. They're playing 7 and 8 this afternoon. So I think even though they're 0-2 going in, they might have the winning putt or the winning moment, and I put them in that spot for that very reason. I'm expecting Cole and Steven to come through for us.

Q. What would it mean to you to captain a winning side?
NATHANIEL CROSBY: Well, I can't imagine -- just being selected as Walker Cup captain has been an incredible honour. You don't get to take a bow for something you did 35 years ago in this world, and that's what the USGA and their criteria has allowed for me, and to showcase a putt I made from 40 years ago is like -- so to win would be icing on the cake. I think I feel more about the kids because I think winning the Cup for the players themselves is going to be a memory that's going to be a more positive memory and a memory that's no doubt cemented with each and every one of them for the rest of their lives.

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