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August 27, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Portland, Oregon

Q. Alongside Brooke Henderson, the 2015-2016 championship winner of the Cambia Portland Classic. Have you had a chance to go out and play nine holes yet, and what's it look like out there?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I played nine this morning, and the course is in fantastic shape, just like it usually is. I feel like the greens are maybe a little bit more receptive earlier in the week than they are normally, which is kind of a nice feeling, but the greens are rolling really pure, and I think it's going to be a great week. Hopefully I can recapture some of the magic I had here a few years ago and get off to a good start on Thursday.

Q. You've consistently defended your titles very well; last week you finished tied for third in Canada, here 2015, 2016. What brings out the best of your game in the title defense effort?
BROOKE HENDERSON: You know, especially with this course, I just have so many great memories, and I feel like every hole kind of suits my eye. I feel very comfortable on every tee box, which is a great feeling, and when you're striking it well and you have confidence, I feel like that's when you make a lot of birdies and you can kind of get on streaks where you're on fire, which is always a lot of fun, and hopefully I can do that again this week. Last week playing in Canada was so much fun. To have all those people out cheering me on and supporting me was really special and really cool.

Q. How did it feel to have Canada embrace you for the first time since becoming the winningest player in Canadian history?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, the crowds were amazing starting on Thursday morning really early. And in the cool, too; it was pretty chilly that day. But just to have all their support, it really means so much to me, and to really play well for them was really exciting. It was a great finish. I had an exciting weekend shooting the 65 on Saturday and then the 69 on Sunday. To finish T3, I'm really happy with that.

Q. Going back to the great memories you have here, which memory stands out the most in Portland?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think getting my win in 2015, it really made all of my dreams come true, my first win on the LPGA Tour, it got me my membership to the Tour, and it really made everything possible. It was just a special, special week. I won by eight shots, which is unreal, and hopefully again in the near future I can win by that margin again.

Q. I just want to ask, how rested are you? Are you rested after last week?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it's such a busy and so much going on that week that it takes a lot of energy out of you, and then travel all day yesterday. I tried to come out a little bit earlier today and practice and get my work in and then looking forward to getting a little bit more rest this afternoon, and hopefully be ready to go by Thursday.

Q. Has it been this hot while you've been in Portland before?
BROOKE HENDERSON: It wasn't when I won, but it has the last couple years. I think 2017 was really hot, as well. So I do have experience on this course with this heat, but hopefully it will cool down a little bit come the weekend.

Q. You mentioned winning in 2015 and as a qualifier. Two qualifiers have made it through to this tournament this week, with one of them being a local amateur from Portland. What would you say to her if you were going to give any advice to someone in a similar position that you've been in?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, Monday qualifying is really hard. You have to go out and shoot really low and you only have one chance, so even getting to the tournament is awesome, and I feel like if you're able to shoot that low number and beat out the rest of the girls, then your game is in good shape, so I think it's going to be a really exciting week for her, and she has nothing to lose, they can just go out and hopefully repeat the score that she had to get in here Thursday and Friday and then hopefully play the weekend.

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