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August 25, 2019

Brooke Henderson

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, it was an incredible week. The fans, the crowds, so good. Record breaking really. So that's really special.

I feel like I made a lot of birdies and hopefully made it pretty exciting for them. T3, I couldn't really ask for anything more. It would've been very difficult to catch Jin Young today. She shot like a million under.

Great champion. I shot 3-under in the final round and didn't get a sniff. Shows how great they were playing.

Q. Was there any point in the round were you were like, Yeah, this isn't going to happen; she's playing too well?
BROOKE HENDERSON: With so many par-5s and all of them reachable pretty much you're never really out of it, especially with that pin tucked on 17. That could get pretty ugly quickly.

You sort of have that belief, but at the same time you're realistic. You're fighting to just make solid shots, make some birdies, and hopefully climb the leaderboard a little bit.

Q. What lessons did you learn about yourself this week given all the added responsibilities of being last year's champion and falling a bit short today?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, it was a really fun week. I feel like I handled it really well. There were a lot of extra things I had to do, but overall it was really fun. Just to be able to play well in front of all these people, and, you know hopefully, make their weekend a little bit better, that's all I really want.

Q. Those extra things, what sort of things do have to do and how much --
BROOKE HENDERSON: This. (Laughter.) Yeah, you know, just it's just a lot more attention from the fans, media. I'm a CP ambassador as well and like to help them out as much as I can. Raising $2.2 million for CP Has Heart for sick kids is unreal. If I can help out in any way, I try to do that.

There is just a lot more demands on your time. You have to be careful. Know when to say no. Make sure that you're getting the proper rest and practice so I can perform as well as I did.

Q. How hard is it to keep pace with Jin Young given that she's been playing mistake-free golf for weeks now?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, she's world No. 1 for a reason. She's had an unreal season. I don't even know, is it four wins now? Four wins on one of the toughest tours there is. There is so much talent out here. To get one win is hard; to get four is really cool.

I think she's leading the race in pretty much every category. I knew it would take something special. Unfortunately the putts right up front just didn't drop and maybe that would've changed momentum, but it's hard to say. She's playing great golf.

Q. When did you realize in the round that you weren't able to maybe catch her?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I was hitting it really well. I had close birdie looks and was rubbing edges the first six holes. I was kind of waiting for it to turn my way like it kind of did yesterday; just didn't really happen too much.

I made 3-under and I don't think I had a bogey out there today. I played solid. That's all you can really ask for.

Q. Jin Young was telling us couple days ago she considers you one of her closest friends on the tour. Does it make it more fun or difficult or harder to be playing in the final group with someone who considers you such a good friend?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think it's more fun. We're both out there to do our job, but we respect each other a lot. If I couldn't win, I'm happy she did. You can't commented ask for a better person or a better golfer to win this championship.

Yeah, I think just generally it makes it more fun. We're both focused and trying to do what we need to do, but at the same time you can maybe have a few laughs along the way.

Q. The 9th hole from your perspective. Just Jin Young finding her ball at the last minute, what you did you see there? Was that a momentum changer when she was able to make par?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I think that saved her whole day, to be honest. To be able to get up and down from there to make par, that was huge. I think at that point you kind of knew things were going her way, and then she made two birdies back to back, 10 and 11. She was kind of off to the races then.

But you need to be able to get up and down. You need to make clutch shots like that if you're going to win championships.

Q. You pulled out your driver on the deck on 9. I guess you were thinking, Okay, I got to make something happen here.
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I knew -- after watching her just do that I knew it was a tight second shot either way. I tend to hit my driver a little bit straighter than my 3-wood. I had a decent lie. Didn't hit it great, but I still got it up there pretty close to the green and was able to get up and down for birdie.

Q. Seemed like you and Jin Young shared a nice moment walking up to the 18th green. What was that like from your perspective?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, so cool. Obviously I would've maybe liked to have been playing a little bit better and a little bit closer to the lead. Like I said, she played outstanding golf. I mean, at that point she has it won and you have to celebrate it. Just as her friend and competitor you have to celebrate how great she just played in front of those amazing crowds.

It was fun to walk up with her and just hear the cheers and kind of realize that it was a great week.

Q. How hungry do you think you'll be next year in Vancouver to wrestle that title back away from her?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, I'm really excited to play Shaughnessy. I've never played it; only heard amazing things. I think it'll be fun to get back out on the west coast. I tend to play pretty well out there, so that's exciting.

Yeah, to finish I guess T12 in Ottawa, the win, and then T3 this year, I feel like I'm trending in the right direction and hopefully I can get another top finish.

Q. Do you feel like you're just scratching the surface of what you're capable of?
BROOKE HENDERSON: Yeah, you know, I feel like I'm getting better every year on the LPGA Tour, which is a great feeling. I feel like if I can just continue to make small improvements good things can happen in the future. It's exciting knowing that I can compete against the best in the world every single week and have chances to win championships.

Q. Obviously you have to decompress a little bit after this week. What's the rest of the season like?
BROOKE HENDERSON: I fly out tomorrow morning at 8:00 to Portland, so I love Portland.

Q. (Indiscernible.)
BROOKE HENDERSON: No, but I won 2015, 2016, and I've played pretty well out there. Exciting week for me as well. A lot of fans out there. Hopefully I can get off to a fast start and see if I can get my tenth win out there.

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