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August 24, 2019

Carlota Ciganda

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. You were able to take advantage of moving day today. What was the key?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I played very well. I mean, I hit I think 16 greens. I had lots of birdie chances. Yeah, I think par-5s I played pretty good. Few tees were up, so nice to take advantage of those ones.

Made some good putts. Everything was pretty solid and very happy with the round.

Q. What do you like about this golf course?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Always enjoy playing in Canada. I like the people. They are always so nice. I think summer it's a good time to be here obviously for golf. I really enjoy playing here. It's always a great event. Everything, the course, food, the way they treat us. I'm always happy to come here.

Yeah, I mean, I enjoy the courses here, but especially the people. They are really nice.

Q. And you're coming off your last two finishes, Top 10s in the last two majors of the year. How confident are you with your game right now?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: To be honest, I took two weeks off. I went back to Spain and didn't play much golf. I was just taking a little holiday with my family.

It's been a long summer so I needed to rest a little bit to be recharge again to play this event and then Solheim and Asia. So it's such a long year.

So I didn't expect much here. I was just, Let's play. And I didn't play that good the first day, but then yesterday and today, yeah, back to where I was in the summer playing good, hitting good shots.

Yeah, very happy where my game is.

Q. Coming at a good time. You mentioned Solheim Cup. What's kind of been the week since the team was announced and some of the reaction?
CARLOTA CIGANDA: Yeah, I think it's good. I love this tournament. It's one of my favorite and I love the team. We have a great atmosphere. Everyone gets along. We can play with anyone, to be honest. The three rookies, I don't think they are really rookies. They all won on tour.

So I'm very happy with the team, the captain, and we have a good chance this year to bring the Cup.

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