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August 23, 2019

Celeste Dao

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. How did your experience go out there?
CELESTE DAO: I'm really happy about being here. I think I'm really grateful I had a spot this week.

I'm pretty upset about my performance, but also grind it out for the next tournaments.

Q. But the experience...
CELESTE DAO: Oh, yes, it's been great. The tournament has host us like incredibly well. The course is magnificent.

It shows the real pro golf out here.

Q. Was this your first...
CELESTE DAO: It's my second Canadian Open.

Q. Did you play last year as well?

Q. That was at Regina.

Q. I didn't get to Regina last year. Now that you have this tournament finished, what's ahead for you?
CELESTE DAO: I have my first NCAA tournament next week. I'll have my qualifiers. I'm in Georgia, so I'll play this year for the whole year.

Q. So I guess you long ago accepted to go to Georgia.
CELESTE DAO: Yeah, I think three years I've been verbally committed, and a week I'm in school already.

Q. So you have to go catch up then.
CELESTE DAO: Yes, yeah.

Q. And what about the golf at Georgia?
CELESTE DAO: Yes. We have a strong team. Last year the team didn't do so well because like their really good players all turned pro. So we have a lot of new freshmen and they're really strong, a lot from Europe and Asia and Canada. I'm excited to play.

Q. Any other Canadians there?
CELESTE DAO: No, I'm the only one.

Q. Why did you choose Georgia?
CELESTE DAO: The coach, really good coach. He makes me think a lot of my coach from Team Canada. His name in Georgia is Josh Brewer. Also the facilities are amazing, the school, so...

Q. (Indiscernible.)
CELESTE DAO: Yes. I think it's going to help my game to be even more better when I turn pro.

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