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August 22, 2019

Rickie Fowler

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Charles was just in here saying as the day kind of progressed, as you looked at the leaderboard, it started to feel a little more normal as opposed to starting the day however many strokes back. Do you kind of agree with that?
RICKIE FOWLER: Yeah, maybe. I guess you could look at it as if it was making the cut, but instead of having two rounds in front of you, you've got four. Yeah, it is what it is. I think it's a little bit more straightforward and right in front of you. A lot easier to understand and know what you need to do versus the point system.

You know, not knowing -- you could make a birdie, and it doesn't do anything. Make a bogey, and that might not do anything, or you might lose five spots. There was always kind of a question, depending on what other people were doing as well on the course. So it's a lot more just right there in front of you, and you can -- everyone can understand it.

Q. Do you think the new system benefits more the chasers or the guy in front? It seems like the chasers have --
RICKIE FOWLER: I think it benefits the kind of middle of the pack in a way. Not that whoever starts in front doesn't have a good chance of winning. They still do. You start with a little bit of a lead. But I think the -- kind of the guys maybe in the 8 to 15 area for sure. Before, you know, you look at Tiger winning the tournament last year, and you need a lot of things to kind of go your way in the old system to come out on top.

Now you go play well, especially the first couple days, and you're right in the thick of it, and you know exactly what you need to do. It's not based on what someone else does.

Q. Rickie, I don't know if you saw the big reveal from Brooks today about the body issue. He came out with pictures. I don't know if you saw the pictures or not, but throughout this whole discourse of him doing it, did you feel like the criticism you received is fair or not?
RICKIE FOWLER: I haven't seen the criticism of it necessarily. I've seen a screen shot of one of the pictures.

Q. Sure, that's the best one.
RICKIE FOWLER: I've been asked to do it before. It wasn't one of the things that I really wanted to do. I figured there would be some sort of hazing in the locker room afterwards. That's not the reason I didn't do it by any means or anything like that. It's all personal preference, personal choice on whether you do it or not.

I think it takes some balls to do it, literally. I mean, I couldn't -- I wouldn't want to stand there naked and take pictures. Like I said, I think that takes some balls to do what Brooks did.

Q. Did you tease him?
RICKIE FOWLER: I haven't, no, but he's bigger than me.

Q. Where's your head with the Presidents Cup? Especially going into this fall, what are you thinking in terms of how many events you're going to play?
RICKIE FOWLER: It's somewhat known. I'm not playing a whole lot this fall because I'm getting married and honeymoon, and that's been a plan that we've had for well over a year. Obviously, yes, I would love to be in Australia, and my plan was to make it on points so that I didn't have to worry about a pick. There's still plenty of time between now and then. I don't think, looking at how people are playing right now, the next month or even the month after is going to be a big indication of how guys will play in December.

I think something I have going for myself, I've played really well in Australia. I play really well in links golf. That's my favorite style. Not that I'm going to wear Tiger out about why he should pick me. I think he knows where he wants to go, what he wants to do, and the guys on the team are going to make their decision based on who they want there and who they want to be partnered up with.

So, yeah, I really hope that I'm there, but I'm not going to necessarily be bitter or anything if they don't pick me. That's the way it is. I should have made it on points. But I will be more than ready if I do get that pick and be there ready to go.

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