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August 22, 2019

Justin Rose

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Justin, 2 under today, 4 under thanks to that to-stroke push you got going into the day. You overcame last year an eight-stroke deficit to win the HSBC championship last season. Have you tapped into that at all when you came in this week?
JUSTIN ROSE: That was eight shots with one round to go, but I only had two or three guys ahead of me. So I was about third or fourth place in the tournament and playing in the second-to-last group. Sometimes that makes a massive difference. You can be eight back, but you've got to get through 15, 16, 17 guys. Obviously, D.J. on that particular day gave the field a little bit of help. I played great.

But I think, more importantly, all the guys ahead of me, you've got to imagine two or three of them are going to have great weeks, which means the depths I have, is going to be tough to overcome.

Great start. You're not going to shoot in the mid to low 60s every day around here, but I do need a couple of those go-rounds this week to do some damage.

Q. A lot has changed since you are the defending FedEx champion last year, not only the strokes system we have now, but also you don't have Fooch on the bag. You mentioned yesterday how that has kind of played into your season a little bit, hasn't it?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, Fooch has obviously been my guy. 11 years has been a long time out here. I'm just glad we were able to finish strong. I'm hoping we can get back together at some point in the future if he gets fit, well, healthy, 100 percent. We went out on a high. Went to world No. 1 and won the FedExCup. So obviously great memories. But it's been a transitional year for me. It's not easy to try to find your rhythm. Everybody does things differently and chemistry is always different among people. Lordie does some things that I love and obviously some things I miss with Fooch. Overall, I've got a great caddie on the bag this week and no excuses.

Q. Great start and good luck the rest of the way.
JUSTIN ROSE: Hey, Fooch.

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