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August 23, 2019

Anne-Catherine Tanguay

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: Yeah, it was a pretty rough start. Really happy with my comeback. Honestly didn't feel bad at all this morning. I was feeling great, and even better than yesterday, I want to say.

So it was a bit shocking for me to make these mistakes early in the round, but I think I was just lacking a little bit of commitment on my decisions, and maybe a few decisions that are questionable. Few decisions that were questionable. I think all comes back in the same thing of thinking clearly what I wanted to do, and that's what I did on the back nine.

Q. This is an important time of year for you. You think about that?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: No, I don't. To be honest, I just try to go out there and play my best golf. Can't really let that get into your head, otherwise -- I mean, there is already so much to deal with. I try to kind of put that aside.

Q. You birdied No. 3. That got you to 7-under. Then you had the double bogey, double bogey in holes 4, 5, and 6. What happened in those?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: Yeah, I think there is a few decisions that I wasn't 100% with it, and I just didn't execute the shot well. Obviously I wasn't committed. Unfortunately kind of got me a little bit in trouble. I didn't feel like I did anything wrong. It just went wrong. It went south real quick.

But, you know, I knew I was hitting it well and really in a good place. I built so much momentum on the back nine and felt so much better over the ball today than yesterday, so I think I'm going to build on that for the weekend.

Q. The 18th tee shot, did you just have no shot really in your second one on that one?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: Yeah. I looked up and there is so much going on on 18. You have the grandstand and the wind was blowing from the left. My target is like right center, and I thought, I'll go a little bit more left.

I kind of picked a cloud as a target, and that's not a good idea. (Laughter.) So I kind of lost my target there and didn't make a very aggressive swing.

I had to chip out. Laid up to full yardage, 116 yards in, and hit a really great shot. Stuck it close. Few putts today that I kind of left an inch short, so think I'll try to be a little bit more aggressive over the weekend now that we know.

Q. Was it difficult at all shaking off the rough stretch there?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: Yeah, yeah. It was extremely difficult. I felt like my head was going to a place that I don't really want it to go, it took a lot of confidence to get back and hit some solid swings.

I think I hit a really solid driver on that par-5 I think after, and that kind of got me started again.

Q. Can you tell us what you're thinking to calm yourself down to get back out of it?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: That's a good question. I'm trying to stay in the moment, to be honest. I was trying to kind of breathe the air and convince myself that I'm good enough and I can make a comeback.

Q. Yesterday you said that you probably were going to be nervous today. That's what you told us after the round. You just said you weren't really that nervous in your opening holes.
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: No, I felt really good. The tee shot I had a little bit of nerves, but I think it was more excitement. All positive nerves. I think you can definitely use that to your advantage. Like I made that birdie on 3 I want to say.

Then Tristan was there in my warmup with me. We did the exact same thing as yesterday. Felt really good about the way I was handling myself and striking the ball, so I was just trying to have fun out there today.

Q. No puffy eye this morning?
ANNE-CATHERINE TANGUAY: No, no, it was all good.

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