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August 23, 2019

Amy Olson

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. You're in your national colors here. How do you feel? (Talking at the same time.)
AMY OLSON: I'll claim them if they claim me. No, it's really fun. I always love this tournament. The crowds here are awesome. The course is really good. It's just a great event, and it's really fun to play well.

So that's been a lot of fun the last few days.

Q. You did play well today. Started off with a couple bogeys; five birdies over your last ten holes, I think.
AMY OLSON: Something like that. I had six birdies total. Yeah, the putter has been working really well. Honestly, ball striking has been kind of the thing that's gotten me in trouble a little bit, which usually that's super solid.

So made a couple adjustments last night and I like what I'm doing. I think I'm on the right track. Yeah, really nice to see putts fall.

Q. What were those adjustments?
AMY OLSON: I was kind of sliding into it. Just like instead of staying a little bit behind it and then going through it, was sliding straight from the top, so getting some kind of like thin, right shots that weren't going the full distance.

So I knew what I was seeing, and just had to figure out what was happening. But obviously it always takes a little bit of time to put those into competition.

Q. Good to see them finally coming out.
AMY OLSON: Yeah, for sure.

Q. Playing with one of the big Canadian names with A.C.

Q. Her day was up and down as well. A lot of good crowd action out there for her.
AMY OLSON: Yeah, there was. She gets so much support, which is really neat. Canada really supports their own. It's nice to just have those vibes and that energy around you. Like we said yesterday, if we could play our best ball we would have been 11-under together. We made a ton of birdies. We only overlapped one hole on our birdies, and same today. We both made a lot of birdies.

If we can keep this going, we'll both be all right.

Q. Now this is also a good move for a potential Solheim Cup movement. Still definitely in the mix there; is that in your mind at all?
AMY OLSON: I mean, I would love to play Solheim. That was the dream growing up as a kid, so it's in the back of my mind for sure.

But at the same time, Juli has a lot of really great, and I don't even know what I have to do in order to make the Rolex, make it through Rolex points.

I'm kind of just playing my game, and however it pans out, it pans out. Either way I'll be cheering for the USA.

Q. If you had to state your case as to why you should be a captain's pick, why should you be on the team? What would you bring to the team?
AMY OLSON: I think the biggest thing that I bring is just culture. I just think I have the ability to bring people together, and we need that on a team. You know, there are so many good golfers out here. I don't think that -- golf is a really important part, but there is a lot of people that are going to play really well.

It's kind of the intangibles that I think are going be really important in separating USA from Europe.

Q. So you're right now top 10 heading into the weekend; weekend is secure for you. How do you get ready for the weekend here?
AMY OLSON: Rest. I woke up with just a major migraine today, so I'm kind of avoiding the sun. Probably go hide in a dark room. Yeah, just relax, talk to my family. You know, just treat it like any other day.

Q. So you were playing with a migraine this entire round?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, yeah.

Q. How did you manage that?
AMY OLSON: Honestly I've fought it for years, so -- not that I'm used to it, but it's not exactly foreign to me.

Q. You know how to handle it?
AMY OLSON: Yeah, yeah.

Q. What's the game plan for playing through the migraine?
AMY OLSON: I keep my sunglasses on as much as possible. You know, the hardest part for me is I actually get a little bit nauseous when I am out there, so it's kind of balancing the food and water and trying to drink and eat enough, but at the same time not upset my stomach.

Kind of varies. Just listen to my body.

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