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August 23, 2019

Yu Liu

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. 5-under round on Friday. What went well for you?
YU LIU: It was pretty solid compared to yesterday. Yesterday I wasn't hitting a lot of fairways, to be honest. Today was just fairways and I hit plenty of greens.

It was pretty windy coming in, which made the front nine really tough. It's really gusty. It's hard to judge the club selection sometimes, but I think I did pretty good. Stayed patient.

Q. Did you make any adjustments from yesterday to today?
YU LIU: Yes. I actually just figure out something on the range about my driver, so I think that's what I just had the little tip on my mind throughout the round.

Q. What was the tip?
YU LIU: Just something about my swing plane, something technical.

Q. Are you a technical person?
YU LIU: Yeah.

Q. You are?
YU LIU: Yeah. I know my swing pretty well.

Q. Does that make it easier for you then to make adjustments if you have a round like yesterday where you're a little off?
YU LIU: Yeah, definitely. I think it's very crucial to know your swing out here. I mean, it's so competitive that you have to be able to constantly be consistent; knowing your swing helps.

Q. What else have you learned this season? You've runner-up finishes, in contention at majors; what have you learned about your game or maybe yourself?
YU LIU: Yeah, I would say I improve a lot this year from last year. I had a pretty nice rookie season, but I knew this year I just really want to achieve something higher.

So, yeah, I worked pretty hard this off-season. Just nice to see my work paying off.

Q. Did you set a specific goal? Get a win or just to be more consistent?
YU LIU: Yeah, just top 25 on the Money List.

Q. Okay.
YU LIU: I'm right in the borderline. It's pretty tough I would say.

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