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August 23, 2019

Michelle Liu

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. How does it feel now that you've played two rounds? Did you feel better today?
MICHELLE LIU: Yeah, I would say. My score wasn't better today. I think it was worse actually, but it was definitely a great experience. Yeah.

Q. How much fun were you able to have?
MICHELLE LIU: I definitely had a lot of fun. Yeah, I love being able to play in a tournament like this because I feel like there is so much support and I feel like I'm really like -- I don't know. I just really enjoy it.

Q. You walked up 18 and there was a standing ovation. How did that feel?
MICHELLE LIU: Definitely pretty good. Definitely makes me feel proud about myself. Even if I'm not playing at best of my ability, I still feel like I played a pretty good round and I'm pretty happy.

Q. Was there anything you learned about yourself over the two days?
MICHELLE LIU: I would say it was definitely a challenge, especially my mental game I would say. I'm really glad that I'm able to like experience this challenge as like an amateur and at such a young age.

I think being able to get this over with, make this an experience, I think it'll really help me moving forward and in other tournaments, because now I think it's going to be pretty hard to play in a tournament that is larger than this one.

Q. Ten, twenty years when you look back at this tournament, what will you remember most from your time here?
MICHELLE LIU: I would say probably just that feeling when you walk up the 18th hole and everyone is like cheering me on.

Q. Can you tell us about the approach shot on 18?
MICHELLE LIU: I hit a 5-wood and I was like 190, I think, something like that. Yeah.

Q. Was that one of your better shots this week? You went right at the flag.
MICHELLE LIU: Yeah, yeah, I would say so. I mean, there were lots of other holes where I think like I hit a great shot but it like ran a little too much and it like ran over off the green.

I mean, when you have to hit woods into the green I'm definitely leaving a lot up to what slope it takes and that sort of stuff. Definitely a good shot.

Q. And your playing partners, how did they treat you? Good relationship with them?
MICHELLE LIU: Yeah. Definitely learned a lot, especially I would say Jennifer. I really want to play in the Augusta National Women's Amateur and Jennifer won that. I think it's great that I get to play with such great players, and hopefully I learn something from them.

Q. How much would you like to play in this tournament next year given it's in Vancouver?
MICHELLE LIU: Oh, I definitely would like to play lay. It's as Shaughnessy, which is my home club. Yeah, I would really like to play on my home ground.

Q. What's next for you other than school?
MICHELLE LIU: I think school and -- school is going on a camping trip to start the grade off. I know I'm playing in AJGA, the Reynolds Lake Invitational, and just a couple local tournaments I would say to finish off our season, I guess.

Q. Was it harder to play golf or answer all these questions from all of us this week?
MICHELLE LIU: I mean, it would be pretty even difficulty level.

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