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August 23, 2019

Jin Young Ko

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. That was quite a round you had out there. Bogey-free so far. How did you feel right now coming off the golf course?
JIN YOUNG KO: I had great round first two days, and then also I had great putting. I had great shots on the front nine and back nine, too.

I was happy.

Q. Did you feel you left any shots out there? Could you have gone any lower today? Was minus 5 about as low as you could go?

Q. There is always shots.
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. I was try get birdie par-5 because par-5 is a little bit shorter, but I had missed just one birdie, the par-5. That is really -- it was little mad. I'm still playing good today.

Q. Talk about your ball striking on a course like this and how great that is going for you going into the weekend.
JIN YOUNG KO: Oh, yeah, I will try focus on my game on the course. The course is beautiful. I'm really happy to play here this course, so looking forward.

Q. You won two majors this year where you've been near the lead going into the weekend. How have those experiences helped you going into this weekend?
JIN YOUNG KO: Same as other tournament, so I will focus. Yeah, uh-huh.

Q. It was quite windy to begin the round today. Did that affect your strategy at all?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah. This morning was so cold, chilly, so I had like thicker clothing.

But after front nine was hot, so I take off my shirt. Yeah, I like windy.

Q. Have you thought about what it would be like if you got to play with Brooke Henderson here in Canada tomorrow or even on Sunday if you two are at the top of the leaderboard?
JIN YOUNG KO: I like Brooke. Hopefully she like me, too. (Laughter.) We having great relationship on the tour and she help me a lot about Bibles, everything, so I like her.

Q. So going from here to do some sightseeing in Niagara Falls?
JIN YOUNG KO: Yeah, we go. Time to go.

Q. Have you been there before?
JIN YOUNG KO: First time to Niagara, and then I'm exciting, yeah.

Q. Were you excited to see so many South Korean fans here today as well?
JIN YOUNG KO: Oh, yeah, uh-huh. A lot of volunteers Koreans, so many volunteers said, Cheer up; you can do everything. So I'm really thanks for volunteers, and then I will focus on my game, yeah.

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