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August 23, 2019

Nicole Broch Larsen

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. 66 on day two. How would you describe your day?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Pretty much as yesterday. Had a couple more birdies today and a couple bogeys sneaked in.

Yeah, I mean, I'm not flushing it, but I'm just playing kind of steady and getting away with my bad shots.

Today I made a couple good putts out there, which helps.

Q. How do you do that and work around some of those areas that you're have trouble with?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I mean, I hit a really bad drive on 14 today; hit it left. Or 15, the par-4. Had to chip out of the trees. That drive kind of kept sitting in my body the rest of the round unfortunately.

I managed to hit some good rounds out there anyway, and then I took advantage of the par-5s again today, which has been kind of not going that well this year. So that's -- I've been working a lot on that. Yeah, seems to work.

Q. Seemed to work today. You're still atop the leaderboard. Last time you were leading was here in Canada two years ago. What is it about playing up here that seems to bring out your best golf?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I don't know. For me, it's more about, I guess, the Solheim Cup is -- you know, I didn't make the team either this year, and when that's announced I seem to play a lot better. Yeah, so unfortunately. A little too late.

Q. Is that a big pressure for you in years past?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: This year definitely less than the last couple. I feel like I've been close last two as well, and this year I felt like I was in the mix but I knew that I had to do something really good the three weeks in Europe, and I didn't.

So, I mean, I totally get that I'm not on the team. Yeah, now I'm here.

Q. Will this be a motivator for you then going forward to go ahead try and make team the next time around?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, definitely. It's been a big goal of mine to make it. Yeah, I definitely put a lot of pressure on myself. I really want to make that team.

Yeah, I know I play golf, but I'm definitely a team player. Beany actually asked me to come over and be a help, so it was not a difficult answer to that.

So I'm going to go anyway and definitely have a good experience.

Q. Two years ago when you held the lead here you ended up finishing T3. What do you feel like you learned that can help you here this weekend?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I feel like I -- don't know. I had Sophie on the bag back then, Sophie Gustafson, and we definitely had a lot of chats. Yeah, I feel like I'm more confident in this position now than I was two years ago even though I haven't been here for a while.

I'm just trying to play as free as possible the last four events and see if I can make it to Asia. Whatever the next few days brings, I'm still really happy with my two rounds.

Q. You're now the leader at minus 12. Back-to-back 66s. Kind of quiet in terms of crowds following you, but to go back-to-back 66s, how would you describe the way you played today?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Pretty similar to yesterday. I probably hit a couple more bad shots today but got away with them. I on the other hand, make a really good putts and made it from just short of the green on 1 and made like an 18 meter on 2.

So, I mean, making putts like that helps. But again today I played the par-5s fairly well. Thank God I birdied all of them today and three of them yesterday. I've struggled with that a little bit this year. I see myself as a long hitter, and par-5s is where I want to make a lot of birdies.

So far this week I've done well.

Q. Yeah, No. 9, your last hole, look like you cracked a drive there; your second shot a little off in the bunker. Were you concerned at that time?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, I mean, it was not an easy bunker shot with the water behind. It was 34 meters, but I just talked to Will, my caddie, a couple holes back before that. You know, you just have to hit the ball. If you can't find it or if it goes bad, that's golf. I mean, you just got to try again.

Yeah, as I said, I'm just trying to play as free as possible these last events.

Q. We talked after yesterday's round that it's been an up and down season for you. You said you've been playing better recently, yet to get back to back 66s all facets of your game have to be working pretty much. So what's been an improvement in the past couple weeks?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: I'm going to say my short game has been really good these last few days, and that's been something I've been working on the whole year, starting in the off-season. Inside 100 meters like my wedge and my bunker game. Yeah, this week it's been really good. Yeah, I'm kind of back to have my good ball striking back, which has been a little bit up and down as well this year.

But, yeah, I'm feeling quite comfortable. Definitely going to go to the range and see if I can get a little bit better feeling than I had on the last couple holes out there today.

But I'm feeling comfortable.

Q. I did check. Five times in your LPGA career you were minus 7; here minus 12. Must be feeling pretty good overall.
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, I am. I am I feel like I've done really good mentally. Even yesterday I had a terrible warmup. I was overthinking everything on the range. I'm quite a perfectionist. I couldn't really find a swing thought, but I was like, I think I'll just go out and commit to the shots and see where it takes you.

Kind of the same today. So, yeah, just...

Q. We were talking just a few minutes ago that two years ago you finished third in the tournament. You were leading after the third round. I don't know if there is anything in the water in Canada. You said it's closer to Solheim Cup and maybe you're trying to prove something? What's is it about playing in Canada if you can pinpoint it?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: As I said, the Solheim team has been announced for the year and I didn't make it. That definitely put a lot of pressure on myself the last three weeks in Europe. I was playing better and I felt like I was playing really good, but you can't really tell the captain, I promise it's coming.

I kind of feel like I was, yeah, hitting a good place, and these last few days and I've been proving that to myself.

Q. Two years ago leading after three rounds; I think you shot even par in the last round and still finished in the top 3. Can you learn from that? Got to be a little bit of pressure. What do you plan on doing for the rest of the evening?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Yeah, I can definitely learn from two years ago when I was in this position. I got off to a little bad start, made a couple bogeys I remember, and then I played quite solid from there. Had a couple chances coming in.

I felt like when I got over the first couple holes I played really comfortable. I mean, this week there is a lot of good players and it's not going to be easy. I'm just going to, yeah, see if I can play as free as possible.

Q. Last question for you: This is the first time the tournament has been in the Toronto area since 2001. You probably weren't here. Were you planning on doing any sightseeing in this area? In the plans at all?
NICOLE BROCH LARSEN: Not really. I'm planning ongoing to Lululemon store this afternoon because apparently it's cheaper here than in the States, but that's really it. I'm just going to chill. Go to the range, and, yeah.

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