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August 22, 2019

Georgia Hall

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. 68 on day one. How would you describe the day out there today?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, pretty steady. Just one bogey on my 17th hole. Actually long game is really, really good and I still missed few short ones.

No, I'm very happy with my first round.

Q. Just your second appearance here in Canada. What are your thoughts on the course this week?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, I love it. It's in amazing condition. I think it's very important to hit the fairways because the rough is pretty thick.

No, the greens are really good. Rolling good. I'm happy.

Q. You're right there in the mix after day one. Just one top 10 so far this season. What do you feel like has been the biggest challenge for you this year?
GEORGIA HALL: I think I played a lot in my schedule at the start of the year, but I've had some good results the last few -- in Europe, and I feel like my game is really good at the moment. I'm just trying to take advantage of that.

Q. Speaking of Europe, you got a big event coming up back in Europe, Solheim Cup. Anything you do in those weeks to prepare for those matches?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, it's coming around pretty quickly. It's nice to know the team. I played with Celine today, and it's nice to have a chat with her. No, just enjoy it and kind of -- I'm really, really excited to play in Scotland, to be amongst the team just enjoying myself out there.

Q. Do you think Celine is someone you might want to play with over there?
GEORGIA HALL: We'll see, we'll see. She's a lovely person and great player.

Q. Good round today. 4-under. I think you had it at 5-under at one point. What happened on the 8th hole, your 17th of the day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, there was quite a hold back; there was quite a few groups, two or three, on that hole. Seemed like I was waiting for like 20 minutes.

I think it was just very slow on the 8th hole, the par-3. I don't know. I didn't hit a great tee shot. Unfortunately got bogey there.

Q. Then you started on the back nine and had four birdies there.

Q. You felt really good about your came I'm assuming.
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, holed some good putts. My long game is really good. Hitting it to like six, eight foot quite a lot. The back nine is quite a lot easier than the front, so I was trying to take advantage of that.

Q. What is your overall impressions on this course?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, the back nine is a lot wider; front nine you can get in a little bit of trouble. I think it's make sure you hit the fairway, the rough is thick, and the greens are rolling really good. Not too slopey. It's good to hole some good putts.

Q. This is your second year on tour. You had a great season last year. It's been a bit of a struggle looks like this year, although you started off really well. What have you found different this year maybe compared to last year?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, obviously I won a major last year and had a really good season. You know, I don't think people expect to have the same season again.

I've been playing really good golf. Some scores haven't kind of matched that, but I feel like I've been playing a lot better the second half of the season. It's just golf sometimes. My game is in a good place at the moment.

Q. And your major was the British Open, right, and in front of your home -- yeah, I mean, Brooke Henderson here in Canada had that last year. What was it like coming down the 18th fairway?
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, it was amazing. There was lines and lines of people cheering my name, and it was so nice to win on home soil.

Q. Ever had that in your amateur career or anything like that?
GEORGIA HALL: Not crowds like that ever, and I doubt I will again.

Q. You had a great round today. Are you the sort that watches the leaderboard at all or are you just focused on your round?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, I don't really look at the leaderboard. First round there is a lot of rounds left to play. All it is a good start, but I'm very happy with it.

Q. Right now you're two shots behind Brooke Henderson. What do you have to do tomorrow to maybe close that gap, catch up, or pass her?
GEORGIA HALL: Well, I missed a few kind of six footers, so maybe just hole them. But my long game is really good. Very happy with that. Just work a bit more on putting I think.

Q. You have the afternoon off. Are you going to be watching golf? Doing your own thing? Go see a movie?
GEORGIA HALL: Not watching golf. It's mine and my boyfriend's two-year anniversary today, so I think we're going to go downtown and take a look around there.

Q. Downtown Toronto?

Q. Or downtown Aurora?

Q. Last question for you. So when you were taking on the front nine holes, 3 to 8, it goes around the perimeter of this very exclusive neighborhood with giant homes. Did you look at some of them and go, Hmm, I wonder if I could get one of those one day?
GEORGIA HALL: Yeah, incredible. I heard Justin Bieber owns one.

Q. Does he? I didn't know that.

Q. Well you've got to become a singer.
GEORGIA HALL: Oh, I'm terrible.

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