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August 22, 2019

Bronte Law

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. Birdie is a great way to finish.

Q. Tell me how you feel right now?
BRONTE LAW: Good, yeah, after having a long stretch. Took a week off; did a lot of resting and just trying to be fresh back again for the next stretch of the year.

Didn't really do much other than tried to work on my fitness a little bit. Just get the body back to feeling good again. Spent time hanging out, chilling out. I felt good coming into this week.

I'm just kind of trying to continue the good run of golf I played before I got here. Just building off that really. But pretty pleased overall with the round. It wasn't easy at the start. The wind was up and swirling for quite a lot of the day, so made it tough on some club selections. Kind of got caught up in a couple places.

But pleased with how I plotted my way around the course overall.

Q. What are your thoughts on Magna?
BRONTE LAW: It's really nice, yeah. It's in amazing condition. It doesn't look like anyone has played it for years. Yeah, it's a great golf course and a really good test I think.

Q. You're on the Solheim Cup team now playing with Suzann.

Q. Was this a good first step to get a little more familiar with her?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we had a lot of fun out there. Obviously we spent the Monday after the Scottish together; I played with her as well then. Apparently we're playing a lot golf together lately. It's awesome. Grew up obviously watching her play and always been a role model of mine. To get to play with her when she's not been playing much golf is definitely really cool.

Looking forward to playing again tomorrow.

Q. Are you playing Portland next week?
BRONTE LAW: I'm not.

Q. So this is your prep before Solheim?

Q. How are you feeling?
BRONTE LAW: Yeah, good. I'm really excited. I was told to make sure I get plenty of rest before, so partly why I'm just playing this event this week and then going to take some time to get ready. Work on some things and be ready to go out there and show the world what I got.

Q. I've seen what you got at those Curtis Cups. I did all three of your Curtis Cups. I remember you at Dun Leary with that 5-0. That brings out the best in you.
BRONTE LAW: I do love match play. I kind of thrive in those situations. Yeah, I'm just really excited. It's been a dream of mine since I've been really young. The reality of to coming up is really cool.

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