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August 22, 2019

Stacy Lewis

Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Q. 2-under; nice opening round playing alongside Brooke.

Q. What was your round like and your day out there?
STACY LEWIS: It was good. It was really solid actually. I hit a lot of putts that didn't go in. It was a pretty easy under-par round, which this golf course is hard, so I think anything under par is a good day.

Q. What's so tough about this course?
STACY LEWIS: It's pretty demanding off the tees. This morning we had a bunch of wind that made it pretty tough.

Then the greens are firm and they're going to get firmer as the week goes on. It's hard to get it super close. Every hole demands good golf shots.

Q. Got to ask a question about Solheim Cup. It's on everyone's mind this week. How much is it on your mind?
STACY LEWIS: It's there. I mean, I want to win the golf tournament. Even over Solheim I want to win. It's just about staying close to the lead and not getting too far away for Sunday. That's what I'm trying to do.

I've been working on a lot stuff. I worked really hard the last two weeks to keep kind of trending in the right direction.

Good golf takes care of a lot of things.

Q. And finally, just a question about the galleries out here on a Thursday following Brooke. What was that like?
STACY LEWIS: It's awesome. Standing there on 18 and to see all the people that come out to watch her play is amazing. I don't know if she's quite ready for it yet, but it's just really cool the way they support her here.

She played some great golf, which given her obligations and commitments she's got this week is pretty amazing. Fun to watch her play.

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