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August 20, 2019

Lizette Salas

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

THE MODERATOR: We are back with Lizette Salas. She's playing in her fifth CP Women's Open. First time back since 2016. Welcome back. Great to have you back in Canada.


THE MODERATOR: So you played nine holes this morning.


THE MODERATOR: What are you takeaways on Magna Golf Club? It looks lovely out there.

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, definitely is a lovely track. I've only seen the front side, and just from the looks of it it fits my game. You know, comes down to the short game and keeping it in the short grass. I feel like that's one of my strengths.

Just trying to get a feel of the course and where the okay misses are, where is the like don't-go-in areas. Yeah, we'll see what the backside gives us.

But so far, the first two days of practice have been pretty solid.

THE MODERATOR: Last time we saw you was at the Women's British Open.


THE MODERATOR: Came so close to a major win.


THE MODERATOR: Still an amazing week for you. What were the biggest takeways for that week at Woburn?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, just a long list of positives from that week. It has helped so much confidence-wise, game-wise. I've set new goals like for next year, and it's just kind of opened up a whole new chapter in my golf game.

I said it before. I just felt like I was reborn and I was excited to play golf again. I felt that way this whole entire year. To play the way I did for the past two events, it's really helped a lot. Just want to keep that momentum going and set new goals and try to adapt that major mentality into every week.

That's a task for this week and for the rest of the year.

THE MODERATOR: Do you mind sharing what those goals are?

LIZETTE SALAS: Well, it's not really goals, it's just the mindset of why I've been able to play so well in major tournaments and the different attitude that I take during those weeks and how can we apply that week in and week out.

So we just come up with a game plan and how can I -- how can I take advantage of this golf course and how can my game apply to this golf course to where I can contend each week.

So that's my new task, and I think it's a perfect time with Solheim coming around the corner. Just kind of take my game up a notch and be a little more aggressive and be on top of the leaderboard more often.

THE MODERATOR: You mentioned Solheim. The last person in the seat before you was Captain Inkster. She has quite a decision to make this weekend. You're locked in ion the team. Where do you see things setting up for Team USA as we head to Gleneagles?

LIZETTE SALAS: Well I told her, I said, I'm really glad I'm not you right now, because it's a tough decision; there are a lot of scenarios. I just know regardless of who is on the team, we're stacked. Like we're going to be ready for Gleneagles. We're going to put up a good show, a good fight, against Team Europe.

Yeah, I'm just really glad I'm not one of those five players. You know, you just don't know. I think for the players, all they can do is just play their best and whatever happens, happens. This is a two-year journey. For it to come down like this after two years, you just got to look at the positives. There are a lot of players to look at. Just depends who wants it the most.

THE MODERATOR: Several years down the road do you think you would want to be the captain?

LIZETTE SALAS: Well I have to win a major first, but, I mean, I would love to. I actually told Danielle, I said if you are a captain can I be your assistant captain? She said -- I think she said yes. Let's hope she never changes her mind.

But, yeah, I would love to be in that role. This is my fourth time being on the team and seeing the difference in captains and teammates, so...

It's obviously the biggest honor to represent your country as a player and as a captain. Yeah, why not?

THE MODERATOR: So you had a couple weeks off.


THE MODERATOR: Birthday party. Happy belated birthday.

LIZETTE SALAS: Thanks. My birthday was in July, and because of schedule and how intense it is with the team event at Dow and two majors back to back, we had to push my 30th birthday bash about a month. It was well worth it. It was an 80's theme, so it was nice to put on the horrendous makeup and big hair.

It was a blast.

THE MODERATOR: So you have that, and then you had a couple weeks off to rest and recuperate.


THE MODERATOR: How do you feel now coming in, what, three weeks off the road?

LIZETTE SALAS: Yeah, no, I feel super refreshed and super excited to be back. Last week I kind of sat down with my team and kind of analyzed how do we keep playing the way I have and how do we take it up a notch without feeling the pressure and being so mentally drained and all that stuff, and how to keep it fun.

We had a team discussion and talked to my caddie, and be a little more specific, a little more goal oriented each week. We've had a game plan so far. It's incredible how fast the year has gone. We're almost to the Asia swing. It's my favorite time of year, so Team Salas is pretty solid right now.

THE MODERATOR: You talk about Team Salas a lot. Who is Team Salas?

LIZETTE SALAS: It's a lot of people. You know, you have your inner circle which includes your coach, caddie, trainer, my parents, who are a big role.

Then you have your other circle, which is my immediate family and my Trojan family who has been with me since day one.

So there is a lot of people that played an important role, and it's not just me out here walking away and grinding every week. There are people behind the scenes who I trust and who I respect and who are trying to help me as best they can.

So I'm really grateful to have them.

THE MODERATOR: Do we have any questions out there? Well, I won't take any more of your time. Always good chatting with you. Enjoy your week out there.


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