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August 18, 2019

Ivan Dodig

Cincinnati, Ohio


4-6, 6-4, 10-6

Q. Congratulations. Another Masters 1000 title for you and with another partner. What's the feeling now? It's been a while since you played with Polasek. How is the union starting back again?
IVAN DODIG: Yeah, thank you, first of all. Yeah, it was great tournament for us. We played great tennis from first match till the end of the tournament.

It's really great for me to come back in Cincinnati to win again Masters Series here. It's my second time. With Filip, I really enjoyed. We start to play one week before Wimbledon. We straight click, and we give this trust to each other. We start to improve our tennis every match, and we are playing on very high level.

It's amazing story. He was out from the tennis for four or five years, and now he's coming back and still playing unbelievable, high quality tennis. I'm really happy for him. Really happy for us. This title will gonna give us confidence for the end of the season.

Q. Maybe just talk about that. You know, he's coming back to very high-level tennis. What's it been like playing with someone who is kind of returning to the top level of the tour after having been gone for so long? Obviously you guys are making it look easy, but it can't be all titles all the time.
IVAN DODIG: Yeah, definitely it's not easy what he did. For me, it's amazing. It's not so many guys can do that.

He was great. He was great player already before. But not to play five years, he start slowly beginning of the year futures and then challengers he start to win. But definitely to come on big stage where we already performed great in Wimbledon, you know, played good, big matches, I tried to give as much as I could from my experience, you know, tried to, you know, like, be very open with him. We have great relation, trying to help each other.

I think that's the key. He feels very comfortable with me together on the court, and that's why we are performing well.

Q. Cincinnati, you perform here. What is it about this place? Is it just because you're ready to go at this time of the season after having been in North America? Is it the Midwest? Are you going to maybe get a second home in Ohio?
IVAN DODIG: Yeah, I mean, it's great. For me, I always play good tennis here. Second time I won this big tournament. It's Masters Series. It's amazing.

I think in general the conditions, the courts, the atmosphere is amazing here. The tournament is great.

I would say for Croatian guys is quite good tournament. Cilic won this, as well, in the singles. I just feel we feel great here. It's just working for us, and we are enjoying to come every year here.

Q. Looking forward two weeks from now with the US Open, how are you feeling? Playing with Polasek again. What are you guys looking forward to, and what are your expectations?
IVAN DODIG: Yeah, definitely we are looking forward. It's last Grand Slam of the year. We hope we can continue and maintain this level, because our level right now, it's very high.

We know we can play, can win every tournament, definitely. It's not gonna be easy. As you can see, every match is open. The margin is very small. Like this year Masters Series you could see the different teams winning. There is no favorite.

Obviously every match you have to play on high level. It's gonna be interesting US Open. It's good thing that we are coming there in great form with a lot of confidence, and hopefully we can maintain this and do well in the US Open.

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