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August 18, 2019

Jason Kokrak

Medinah, Illinois

Q. Jason, what a great finish for you. I mean a wonderful up you and down at the 17th and then a clutch iron and birdie at 18. You have to be very proud of yourself.
JASON KOKRAK: Yeah. I hung in there all day. I didn't really give myself too many opportunities. I thought the pins were pretty good today. Tough to get to, tough to putt to. Tougher than rest of the week. I gave myself a lot of opportunities. I only made three. I didn't make any bogies. I cleaned up the card. Couldn't get a putt to fall there.

Q. I could tell you were really grinding coming in. Were you aware of where you were in the FedExCup standings in the projections?
JASON KOKRAK: I figured I'd have to finish inside the top 20 to give myself a chance. Hovering around that 22, 3, number I knew I needed to get one more. Gave myself actually a great look on 16. I left myself a little further in than I wanted to. Making birdie on 18 is always nice. We'll see what happens coming in. It's not an easy finish but who knows.

Q. Absolutely. I know you're going to be watching the projections. Best of luck. You can't make anymore bogies.
JASON KOKRAK: No, I'm all finished for the day.

Just a little bit of a misjudge on 17. It's a tough hole. It's not an easy hole. I gave myself a lot of opportunities, at least a couple just that just went by the edge but standing up there on 18 and hit it down the middle. I knew I needed to be just left of the bunker and got lucky. I didn't quite hit it solid. Didn't get in there. I hit a great iron shot and good putt.

Q. What was your second shot, what did you hit?
JASON KOKRAK: 141, wind off the left. I hit a little three quarter pitching wedge.

Q. Inside four feet, right?
JASON KOKRAK: I don't know exactly the distance.

Q. Was that putt a little --
JASON KOKRAK: Little jittery. I knew I needed to make it. That mindset is a little bit different than a putt to win or different things. I knew I needed to make it and I took care of business.

Q. What does that mean to you? How special is that?
JASON KOKRAK: Being 8 years on Tour, that would mean the world. To not win and make the Top 30 is pretty solid year. You know, it would mean the world. I never played The Masters. That would definitely mean I'm in all the bigs events.

I can make my own schedule a little bit easier. Go through the year a little bit different than I normally do. It would mean a lot to me but solid year, nonetheless, and happy the way I played.

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