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August 18, 2019

Justin Thomas

Medinah, Illinois

Q. When did you feel like you got into the rhythm in this round?
JUSTIN THOMAS: Probably not until 13, that par 3. I mean I hit such a good 5-iron in there, just a great putt after Patrick made his. He wouldn't really let up today. Made it harder.

Q. It was such a good back and forth on the back-9. The line you took on your second shot at 11, two shot tournament at that point in time. That to me just really turned things around.
JUSTIN THOMAS: On the second shot? Yeah. It was a sand wedge and the greens are so soft. As long as I carried the bunker it was going to be fine. That's why you aim about ten feet left of it. It comes out a little right like that. Again, the greens being so soft you can be more aggressive and that was definitely a bonus.

Q. The fist pumps the rest of the way through. Juices really got flowing on the back-9. To get back in the winner's circle that way, to kind of had that fight on the back-9 had to be special.
JUSTIN THOMAS: Yeah. To shoot 4-under how I played today I think is very impressive. I played awful for ten holes. I mean my birdies on the front -- I very rarely hit shots that were exactly what I wanted and so that's tough when you're trying to win a golf tournament and it was tough out there, very windy. Patrick got off to a kind of slow or average start and turned it on. Really got going.

Q. So you win this tournament straight up. Going to give you a pops going into next week. You're in the catbird seat No. 1 going into Atlanta to try to win another cup.
JUSTIN THOMAS: It's going to be weird. I'm going to go try to win the golf tournament.

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