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August 18, 2019

Cheng-Tsung Pan

Medinah, Illinois

C.T. PAN: Yeah. It's great. I mean obviously I didn't play well the last couple weeks. I mean I played okay, mediocre but being able to lock-down this spot, that means a lot to me. It means I can make sure my schedule is ready for everything. My teammates are fine.

Q. Look back at your season, that big win, RBC Heritage and few other Top-10s. Have you been happy with a break year for you, so to speak?
C.T. PAN: It's been great, been great year, very rich year, I would say. I won -- achieved my dream to win a PGA TOUR event and play well and spot on the Presidents Cup. That means a lot to me. It's very special year for me. But, you know, looking at my stats and my goals I still have something I need to work on. I want to make sure I get better everyday.

Q. What are some of the key areas you think you stronger for the new season?
C.T. PAN: Putting, chipping around the green. I can still do better. I'm not bad. It's very fine detail. So something I can do better at for sure.

Q. Presidents Cup in December. Four, five months ago how did you do your schedule to prepare for that?
C.T. PAN: Yeah. I mean I was deciding whether to come back after the three events in Asia, after China to get ready here in U.S. Now, with Presidents Cup in Melbourne so I kind of want to stay in the same time zone. Make sure my body will adjust to it.

Q. How do you think the reaction will be back home knowing you're the first golfer from China to play in the Presidents Cup?
C.T. PAN: It will be wild. We will have a lot of fans to cheer for us, I'm sure.

Q. Have you been receiving a lot of encouraging messages from family, friends back home?
C.T. PAN: Yeah, family for sure, friends, too. People, they don't want to follow me and keep it quiet. Once I lock-down a spot they congratulate me.

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